At Rejuvence, we have a great passion for the use of platelet rich plasma in modern aesthetic medicine. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) provides a source of the patient’s own platelets that can provide a concentrated dose of growth factors that work together to aid in the growth and regeneration of new cells as well as the development of new blood vessels. As a result, depending on how it is used, platelet rich plasma has positive effects in a number of applications in aesthetic medicine.

PRP has been shown to have a beneficial effect in the treatment of hair loss in both males and females, specifically in alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss). Numerous researchers have published clinical data comparing PRP treatment with existing accepted treatments for hair loss and demonstrated positive findings in favour of PRP. Researchers have demonstrated increases in hair count, hair density and hair thickness.

At Rejuvence we are committed to providing our clients with treatments that are ‘Evidence-Based’. Evidence based treatments are treatments that have published scientific research to back them up. We are always looking at the most up to date studies that have been published and present our clients with cutting edge treatments that we know work.

Hair loss is a major concern for both males and females and can be the cause of great psychological distress. The causes of hair loss are widespread but the most common is androgenic alopecia also known as male and female pattern hair loss. This has a hormonal cause at it’s root. For further details on the causes of different types of hair loss please refer to the hair loss sections on our website:

Existing treatments for hair loss include the use of minoxidil or caffeine containing shampoos. These are expensive and although have been shown to reduce hair loss they take 6 to 9 months to take effect, have minimal effect on new hair growth, and if stopped often result in increased hair loss. Finasteride can be taken in the form of tablets but has similarly disappointing results and can also result in reduced libido and sexual dysfunction.

Hair transplants can have fantastic results but are a relatively huge physical and financial undertaking. Costs average around £7000 for a moderate sized transplant and the results are not guaranteed. Many are opting to go abroad, for hair transplants, to Eastern Europe and Turkey. However, despite the reduced costs, there is the uncertainty of getting expensive treatments abroad, the inconvenience of being far from home at a vulnerable time, as well as the uncertainty of who picks up the pieces back in the UK if things go wrong.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss – Current Research

As of April 2016, ten studies have been published regarding the use of PRP for hair loss. The total number of patients involved in all these studies totals 176. All studies demonstrated a significant reduction in hair loss as well as improvement in hair count and hair thickness. Seven of these ten studies present detailed measures of hair count, hair density and hair thickness comparing before PRP and after PRP measurements.

All authors used similar techniques of administration of PRP. The majority of studies also provided details of how they acquired PRP from their patients. In eight of the ten studies patients stopped all other treatments and were only using PRP, hence all positive results can be assumed to the result of PRP use. The graph below shows the results obtained by seven of the ten studies. Results shown are after an average of 3 sessions of PRP over 3 months.

On balance it is reasonable to conclude that PRP does have a positive effect on hair count and hair thickness in the treatment of hair loss of varying causes. This is especially the case where other treatments are not working and patients are not ready or indeed willing to have a hair transplant. Studies have also identified significant gains in hair thickness as well as hair count.

At Rejuvence we have taken on board the recommendations of all published studies and developed a unique treatment protocol that we believe will deliver positive results for hair loss. On average we believe that 4 sessions of PRP treatment over 4 months will significantly reduce hair loss and provide around 20% increase in hair thickness and hair count. Longer term studies suggest that maintenance treatments every 6 to 12 months are necessary.

PRP works best for those clients who still have a moderate covering of hair but are concerned with their rate of hair loss and hair thinning. Those who have large areas of bare scalp will benefit but to a lesser degree. PRP is a particularly good option for women where hair transplants are much more difficult. PRP has also been shown to be a fantastic treatment for preparing the scalp prior to an imminently planned hair transplant.

Treatments start at £300 per session and competitively priced bespoke packages are available in clinic. We guarantee the lowest prices in the market but we do not compromise on quality of care. We provide the best evidence-based PRP treatments.

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