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There are thousands of vitamin supplements available for hair loss. They all claim to provide spectacular improvements in hair loss but do they actually work? What do they contain? How do they work?

At Rejuvence we are one of the very few clinics in the UK that offer a new innovative vitamin supplement program that provides real results. Hair Facts is based on a cyclical vitamin supplement program that was developed by a prominent hair transplant surgeon and trichologist in Mumbai, India – Dr Rajesh Rajput. He developed the program following his observation of thousands of patients who have attended his clinic over the years. His vitamin supplement program has been endorsed by Grace Biogen – an Australian pharmaceutical company – who have produced Hair Facts.


What influences hair growth?

Hair growth is influenced through multiple conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, and environmental changes. Factors influencing hair growth can be divided into internal and external factors. Internal factors include nutritional deficiencies including iron, calcium, vitamin D and zinc. Hormonal deficiencies include thyroid abnormalities. Long term illness, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gout and even long term use of certain medications are also considered to be internal factors. External factors include smoking, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, poor hydration and fluctuating diets. Internal and external factors work together to result in accelerated hair loss.


Does hair facts give real results?

Hair Facts, when taken for at least 2 months, can have amazing improvements in hair loss and hair regrowth. This is especially the case when it comes to treating pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium that is the result of nutritional and vitamin deficiencies or indeed hormonal abnormalities. Dr Rajput has presented a huge number of success stories in his published research and at his clinic places all his hair loss patients on Hair Facts. At Rejuvence Clinic we consider Hair Facts to be the first line treatment for hair loss and it has such potency that it may mean other more expensive treatments are not necessary.

©Individual results may vary.

Rejuvence Philosophy

At Rejuvence Clinic we believe in bringing the most uptodate treatments and protocols to our patients. We pride ourselves on being ahead of our peers. Hair Facts is a true innovation in nutrient and vitamin supplementation for treating hair loss. It has a proven track record that has been scientifically documented. We are one of only a handful of clinics in UK able to offer Hair Facts.

Dr Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Japanese scientist, won the nobel prize for medicine in 2016 for his work on the concept of Autophagy. Essentially he described a process whereby the body attempts to maintain levels of essential nutrients such as iron and vitamin D at optimum levels for vital functions by turning off certain functions that it does not deem to be important. Hair growth is not considered to be a vital function but like other body processes requires essential nutrients. When the body detects even very slight deficiencies in vital nutrients such as iron, calcium and zinc, it turns off hair growth in order to conserve these vital nutrients for use in the more important body functions. The net result of this is increased hair loss and hair thinning.

Extensive research by Dr Rajesh Rajput identified that bundling important vitamins and nutrients into a single tablet to be taken everyday in the form of a supplement for hair growth is not very effective. This is because when certain vitamins and nutrients are packaged together with others they can inhibit each other’s absorption into the body as well as their effects. Dr Rajput found that instead by pairing certain vitamin and nutrients together into different tablets and taking them on different days of the weeks meant that the effect of these vitamins and nutrients are much more profound.

Hair Facts Vitamin supplements consist of 6 sets of tablets. These tablets are paired and taken twice a week on specific days. This sounds complicated but the effect of splitting up vitamins and nutrients on different days means they are better absorbed by the body and also much more effective in terms of hair regrowth and improved hair density.

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