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Facial resurfacing with J-Plasma can surpass what can be achieved with a traditional face lift. Surgical facelift procedures lift and reposition skin to make it more taut and provide a younger look. It is associated with a large scar at the sides of the face and comes with a large price tag, long recovery time, and bruising. Most importantly a surgical facelift will not address the skin itself leaving you with the same wrinkles, fine lines and pigmented skin.


J-Plasma, as well tightening and lifting loose skin, can also help with significant reduction in wrinkles, lines and pigmentation irregularities. There is no cutting and there are no stitches. No other technology can compete with J-Plasma in this regard. This is truly game changing technology and is only available at Rejuvence Clinic.

What can J-Plasma Face treat?

J-Plasma can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Facial resurfacing with J-Plasma can be used to treat pigment irregularities as well as melasma and chloasma. J-Plasma is also very effective at treating acne scars, sun damage and wrinkles and fine lines especially around the lips. Phenomenal skin tightening and increased collagen production can be expected with J-Plasma. Therefore J-Plasma is an alternative to a facelift and should be regarded as a good alternative for people looking for facelift results and willing to invest time and money in a serious change, but are nervous about going under the knife and having surgery done.

How is the treatment carried out?

J Plasma FACE is performed under local anaesthetic. A tumescent solution containing a local anaesthetic to numb the skin, adrenaline to prevent any bleeding, steroid to prevent swelling and normal saline is used. Once the face is completely numb the J Plasma device is used to resurface the skin of the face. Subsequently platelet rich plasma is applied to the treated skin. The treatment is finished off with a session of LED Dermalux Therapy. After the procedure patients are given a special disinfectant spray to take home and advised to return for a complimentary course of LED Dermalux Phototherapy. They are also prescribed a course of antibiotics to guard against any infection.

Ideal candidates for J-Plasma FACE are those of skin types 1 to 3 on the Fitzpatrick scale (white to olive brown skin) over 40 years of age. Younger patients can be treated with J-Plasma but this would be for severe scarring, usually due to acne. Both men and women can be treated using J-Plasma and both do fantastically well. Those looking for a non-invasive and cheaper alternative to a face lift should consider J-Plasma.

Patients are advised to take at least 10 days off work and remain in doors. On the first few days after the procedure there is likely to be some significant swelling and peeling. After a week or so this will all resolve and the patient will be left with some redness and raw areas. By 10 days patients are normally completely healed. Patients will experience some pain and advised to take over the counter painkillers.

The results of treatment are usually seen about 4 to 6 weeks afterwards. Skin tightening will be noticed much sooner than this. We advise patients that final results are not seen for at least 3 to 4 months. J Plasma FACE is a one time procedure and the results are long lasting unlike with other treatments.

In patients who have darker skin tones, caution needs to be taken to prevent hyperpigmentation after the treatment. This is done by sun avoidance prior to treatment, as well as the use of skin bleaching agents, such as hydroquinone. In darker skin types we would advise against J Plasma due to unpredictable hyperpigmentation. Post-operative pain is variable between patients and treated with oral medication. In some cases, redness of the skin may persist and a short course of anti-inflammatory medication in the form of topical steroids may be needed.

J Plasma FACE is a truly groundbreaking treatment that has and continues to rock the aesthetic world. There is really no other treatment on the market that can be compared to J Plasma. Never-the-less numerous others will attempt to draw comparisons between J Plasma FACE and other popular treatments.

Despite mobilising deeper structures a facelift has no effect on blemishes and wrinkles and lines on skin. On the contrary it comes with moderate to large facial scars. J Plasma FACE is non-invasive and able to provide a comparable amount of skin tightening and also address imperfections in the skin be they wrinkles, lines, scars or pigmentation. J Plasma recovery is also less intense and less painful.

Laser resurfacing comes in two forms: erbium and CO2. These two forms of laser treatments work in a similar fashion with erbium being less intense than CO2. Hence recovery is quicker with erbium but results are less pronounced. Fractional CO2 lasers are currently considered the gold standard and a good benchmark to compare J Plasma FACE against.
Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is very similar to J Plasma in terms of what it is able to treat, recovery time and the length of the procedure. Both treatments promote collagen production and tighten loose skin. However, J Plasma is more precise reducing the chance of damaging surrounding tissue whereas fractional CO2 laser has been associated with burns to adjacent tissues. There are fewer complications associated with J Plasma FACE.

The Portrait Plasma System, newly named, the Neogen Nitro Plasma device uses nitrogen plasma as opposed to helium in J-Plasma. This treatment is offered by a select few clinics in the UK. The device has limited uses in terms of facial resurfacing as the energies it is able to achieve are much lower. Although it has it’s uses, when compared to J-Plasma for a complete facial resurfacing procedure, Neogen is not in the same class.
This device uses excited nitrogen atoms to provide a controlled heating effect to the deeper layers of the skin and can achieve skin tightening using lower energy levels but cannot achieve results similar to J-Plasma.
Skin smoothing, pore tightening, reduction of sun damage and pigmentation spots, and improvement in lines and wrinkles can all be achieved with this form of plasma. Portrait has demonstrated comparable results to lasers and even better results at times. However, J-Plasma is one step up and really will take your skin back in time.

IPL photofacials are far less intense than J-Plasma and though these treatments come with less discomfort and a shorter recovery time the results are not comparable. Chemical peels are able to resurface the skin but do not provide any skin tightening effect. In addition their depth of penetration and effect are not predictable or consistent. PDO threads have become extremely popular and used to provide skin tightening for the elimination of jowls and improve the profile of the jaw and neck. In addition they are also used for skin rejuvenation and improved collagen production. The results are short-lived especially where it comes to cog threads that provide hold for only a few months as opposed to more than a year as claimed by many clinics. In contrast J-Plasma FACE is on another level and for those willing to opt for a more radical treatment there is no question that it is the best choice.

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