J-Plazty – What is it?

J-Plazty is the latest innovation in skin tightening and body sculpting using cold plasma energy on the underside of the skin that results in immediate tightening and improved skin elasticity. When combined with VASER it can produce incredible skin tightening and liposculpting results incomparable to anything else available at present. J-Plazty is minimally invasive and an alternative to a tummy tuck, neck lift or arm lift and more invasive surgical procedures for tightening loose skin and body sculpting.

Rejuvence Clinic is the first and only clinic in the UK to offer J-plazty. J-Plazty was originally developed by Dr Jack Zamora in Denver, Colorado. We use exactly the same technique and are a twinned clinic. 

How does J-Plazty work?

The J-Plazty trademark was developed by Dr Jack Zamora, a cosmetic surgeon based in Denver Colorado. He found that by using Renuvion, powered by J-Plasma, on the underside of the skin in regions such as the abdomen and neck he was able to achieve incredible skin tightening that was immediate and continues to improve over the next 2 to 3 months. He also noticed improvements in skin elasticity as well eliminate the crepey appearance of aging skin.

Rejuvence Clinic are the sole providers of J-Plazty treatments in the UK.

J-Plazty Vaser Steps

What is Plasma Energy?

Plasma is an energy state created by adding energy to a gas. Plasma energy replaces traditional laser energy such as C02 fraxel lasers by delivering a more precise and controlled thermal energy. Plasma energy is able to achieve better skin tightening and reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst using less energy than a traditional laser. Plasma is not a laser and achieves much lower temperatures than laser and hence considered to be much safer.

What is J-Plasma?

J-Plasma is the most advanced form of plasma technology using cold plasma energy. This is created when helium gas is energised by radiofrequency (RF) energy. Temperatures are much cooler than laser technologies. The J-Plasma wand allows for extremely well controlled depth of penetration, superb precision as well as very limited lateral spread. This means it is overall much safer than a laser and able to produce exceptional skin tightening, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as provide a significant boost in collagen and elastin formation. It literally will take you back in time.

What can J-Plazty treat?

J-Plazty can be used to treat loose skin over the stomach, arms, neck and face as well as in the thighs. This is fast becoming acknowledged as the premier non invasive treatment option in mild to moderately loose skin in those who have lost weight or are post pregnancy and want to avoid the expense and ugly scars of invasive body contouring surgery. J-Plazty can help to achieve natural looking tight skin without extensive surgery and downtime. This is the ideal procedure for achieving the ‘mommy makeover’ or for helping to get rid of moderately loose skin in those who have managed to successfully lose significant amounts of weight through dieting and/or bariatric surgery. However, in cases of excessive loose skin J-Plazty may not be appropriate.

J-Plazty Patient Journey

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