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During the ageing process there is a loss of volume in the deep fat parcels of the mid-face alongside stretching of ligaments that hold them in place. In addition the skin tends to thin and sag. Add to this the long-term effects of gravity and the cheeks tend to drop down and sag forming nasolabial folds and marionette lines on the face. The jaw bone also undergoes changes with age that include thinning of the bone. Subsequently the jawline is not as prominent.

What are jowls and neck lines?

The sagging effect of the skin and fat from above with thinning of the jaw bone means a certain amount of skin and fat hangs over the edge of the jawline that we commonly refer to as the jowls. The extent of jowls varies from person to person and irrespective of the quality of your skin can give away your age. This sagging effect can extend to the neck and result in loose skin that means a loss of definition of the profile of the neck. In addition hypertrophy (increase in size and strength) of the platysma muscles of the neck mean the formation of tight bands down the neck neck and can also be unsightly.

What is J-Plazty Neck?

At Rejuvence we are the only clinic in the UK to introduce J-Plazty – a revolutionary skin tightening treatment pioneered by Dr Jack Zamora – a cosmetic surgeon based in Colorado, USA. J-Plazty Neck is a minimally invasive procedure that combines VASER liposuction and J Plasma to reduce fat in the neck region and at the same time provide phenomenal skin tightening that is not possible with any other treatment on the market at present. For the ultimate in neck lift and improvement of jowls look no further than J-Plazty Neck. For further information please take a look at our J-Plazty Neck page.

What is J-Plasma Face?

At Rejuvence we are the first and only clinic in the UK providing J-Plasma facial resurfacing. This is a plasma based treatment that works very much like fraxel laser and is used to resurface the face. There is a significant downtime associated with this procedure but the results can be breathtaking. J-Plasma has been described by prominent cosmetic doctors in the US as ‘the most revolutionary treatment to hit the cosmetic industry’. J-Plasma face results in new collagen and elastin formation that provides an overall tightening effect that can result in lifting of the entire mid face and jawline helping to improve jowls. For further information please take a look at our J-Plasma Face page.

Treatment Options for Jowls
Dermal Fillers From £240.00
J Plasma Face £1995.00
J Plasma Neck £1995.00
Threadlift From £595.00

Rejuvence Philosophy

The surgical face lift was considered the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, especially for tightening the jawline and for the treatment of jowls, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The face lift was able to take years off one’s appearance in the short term. However, as more and more men and women have received this procedure it has become apparent that 5 to 10 years after their procedure their skin appears to age and thin faster. This is likely to be due to the destructive and bloody nature of the procedure.

Recently there has been a massive drive for quicker and less invasive procedures that can yield results that are almost just as effective but without the long term drawbacks. At Rejuvence we are at the forefront of this drive. As well as being able to provide conventional treatments ranging from dermal fillers to PDO and PCL threads we are the only clinic in the UK to provide J-Plazty Neck and J-Plasma Face. These minimally invasive procedures will revolutionise the cosmetic field and will fast become the treatment of choice for the treatment of jowls and loose skin over the neck.

For further details please contact us to book a consultation.

The jowls can be concealed by accurately placing some hyaluronic acid dermal filler either side of the folds of skin to give the illusion of a strong jawline. Alternatively a lifting and tightening effect can be provided by the use of PDO and PCL threads. This can provide a mini facelift effect and pulls the jowls upwards and against the jawline reestablishing definition. A further set of threads placed in the mid face can reinforce this lifting affect. The Silhouette soft has the added advantage of initiating neocollagenesis (formation of new college in) effect and there is associated improvement in the skin along the jawline. This also means that the lifting effect can last up to 18 to 24 months.

Wrinkle relaxing injections into platysmal bands in the neck can result in their loosening and redefining of the neck profile. Sagging of the neck can also be addressed in a similar fashion to jowls with threads and the Silhouette soft. The threads can be placed in the soft tissue of the neck and used to tighten the neck.

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