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At least 50% of all adult men will suffer with some form of male pattern hair loss. This increases to 73% of all men and 57% of all women over the age of 80. At Rejuvence Clinic we specialise in the treatment of hair loss. We are experts in the various types of treatments available for hair loss and best placed to advise our clients on what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly we adopt an evidence based approach. This means we examine all the available published scientific and medical evidence that exists for a specific treatment and only offer treatments that have been proven to work. No magic potions and wild claims.

How does Low Level Laser therapy work?

LLLT is a photo-biostimulator and can result in improved hair growth in various forms of hair loss, specifically androgenetic alopecia – male and female pattern hair loss. In the context of androgenetic alopecia, low level laser therapy aids in the transformation of miniaturised hairs into longer terminal hairs. LLLT improves hair growth in the following ways:

LLLT stimulates hair follicles to re-enter the anagen (growth) phase from telogen (resting) phase within the hair cycle
LLLT prolongs the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle.
LLLT increases the rate of growth during the anagen phase of the hair cycle.
LLLT also results in increased blood flow to exposed areas of the scalp through vasodilatation (swelling of arteries) which also helps to stave off the ischaemic effects of dihydrotestosterone (main hormone responsible for male pattern hair loss).


How do I choose a Laser Hair Cap?

There are a wide array of different laser combs and laser hair caps available online and on ebay and Amazon. All claim to give excellent results. However, there is no guarantee the laser diodes in use are actual lasers and may in fact be simple LEDs. The most well known company amongst these is HairMax who sell a laser comb and a laser hair band. Their laser hair band retails at £739.85 and consists of 82 lasers. For entire scalp coverage it is necessary to use the hair band three times for upto 90 minutes.


©Individual results may vary.

At Rejuvence we are able to supply a Laser Helmet known as the iHelmet. This device consists of 200 laser diodes of the appropriate frequency. In addition it is operated through an app on your smartphone that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. This app ensures that the helmet is used for an appropriate length of time and at appropriate intervals throughout the week so as to avoid excessive use that would result in worsening hair loss as opposed to hair gain. We advise our clients to use the iHelmet in tandem with Hair Facts Vitamin Supplements as well as a 3 month session of Magellan TruPRP. The results are excellent. The iHelmet can be ordered from us for £695.00.
At Rejuvence Clinic we are keen to stamp out all myths about hair loss and its treatment. We know how psychologically debilitating hair loss can be for men and women. We also recognise that the treatment of hair loss is hard and requires patience and belief. We believe in providing our clients with treatments that really do work and always strive to instill our clients with confidence as well as realistic expectations.
Low Level Laser Therapy really does work. Please book a consultation with us to discuss your hair loss treatment options.

Low Level Laser Therapy, otherwise known as LLLT, is one of three recognised FDA approved treatments for androgenetic alopecia in males and females. The FDA is known as the United States Food and Drug Administration and is a federal agency responsible for protecting the public’s health. The FDA approved the LLLT laser comb for use in males for androgenetic alopecia in 2007 and subsequently approved its use in women in 2011.

As with other FDA approved hair loss treatments – minoxidil and finasteride – the positive effects of LLLT for hair loss were stumbled upon by chance. In the late 1960s a Hungarian physician by the name of Endre Mester, conducted a series of experiments to evaluate the potential cancer causing effects of red ruby laser on mice. As a result he shaved mice and shone this laser (694nm) on them. To his surprise he found that rather than have any negative cancer causing effects the red laser actually resulted in accelerated regrowth of the mice’s fur. Animal studies using a ‘Laser Hair Comb’ employing red LED and laser of 650nm frequency, demonstrated increased hair growth. Dr Shukla and his team, in 2010, developed an animal model using Swiss albino mice and demonstrated positive effects of low energy LLLT (1J/cm2 ). However, he also demonstrated negative inhibitory effects of LLLT on hair growth if a high energy alternative (5J/cm2 ) was used. Hency too high an energy beam or if exposed to LLLT for too long or too often, can cause increased hair loss as opposed to increased hair growth.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) definitely works in the treatments of androgenetic alopecia in males and females. It has been shown to be as effective as minoxidil (RegainTM) and finasteride. It is also effective in other forms of hair loss with particular interest in chemotherapy induced alopecia and alopecia areata. LLLT has been shown to be even more effective when combined with other treatments such as minoxidil.

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