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Sun Damage

Sun damage is the result of the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV) on the skin. UVA and UVB radiation exposure is not limited to clear skies and hot summer days. Evan on a cloudy day more than 80% of UV radiation is able to penetrate through to the earth’s surface. UVB results in direct damage to the superficial layers of the skin (epidermis) and is responsible for sunburn. UVA is absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin (dermis) and accelerates the ageing process.

How does the sun damage the upper layer of the skin (epidermis)?

The main components of the epidermis are keratinocytes and melanocytes (cells containing melanin that provide colour to the skin). These cells bear the brunt of damage from excessive sun exposure. Melanocytes increase in size and become more branched. They contain melanin that provides pigment to the skin. Over exposure to sunlight can cause irregular pigmentation. Excessive sun exposure can cause regions of the epidermis to thin out whereas other areas can thicken. Years of sun exposure can result in the development of sunspots that go onto develop into forms of cancer.


How does the sun damage the deeper layers of the skin (dermis)?

The main components of the dermis are collagen and elastin. Collagen provides the skin with its tensile strength. Elastin gives the skin its elasticity. As we age the amount and quality of collagen and elastin reduce. With excessive sun exposure there is an increase in the production of elastin but it is of very poor quality. Interactions between elastin and collagen are compromised and the result is a tangled mess.

Treatment Options for Sun Damage
Chemical Peels:

Obagi Blue Peel (Superficial)
ZO Three Step Peel

Platelet Rich Plasma
(includes microneedling)
From £295.00
Stem Cells £995.00
ZO Daily Skin Care Program £100.00
ZO Anti-aging Program £150.00
ZO Aggressive Anti-aging Program £200.00

Rejuvence Philosophy

At Rejuvence we are firm believers that prevention is better than cure. Excessive sun damage is the main cause of premature ageing. Indeed ageing is often categorised into intrinsic and extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing is defined as genetic or natural ageing. Extrinsic ageing is ageing that is the result of external and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and smoking. Overall it has been estimated that 90% of skin ageing is due to extrinsic factors as opposed to intrinsic. We have great control over how we age. Take control and for the damage that already exists we are here to help to reverse the signs.


Tanning is the body’s attempt to protect itself by increasing pigment production. Tanning is actually a sign of DNA damage and your body’s way of telling you to get out of the sun. Freckles are more dangerous than a tan because their presence indicates that the person’s skin cannot tolerate sun exposure.

Avoid tanning! Tanning is a sign of DNA damage. Do not rely on sun screens alone. No matter how high the sun protection factor is the effects of sunscreen wear off after a couple of hours. Research shows that people normally under apply sunscreen. Practice sun avoidance and adopt a healthy skin protection program as part of your daily skin care program. Restoration of skin health with a bespoke skin care program from ZO will increase the skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.

A good sunscreen should provide a combination of physical sunblock elements and chemical sunblock elements. It should also contain antioxidants that provide DNA protection and aid repair agents by helping to rid the skin of oxygen free radicals. Free radicals are the byproducts of functioning skin cells. Antioxidants include vitamin C and E, polypodium leucotomes, maltobionic acid and lactobionic acid.

A good daily skin care program forms the basis of any rejuvenation treatment and is particularly effective for the treatment of mild undamaged skin and freckles. It is importance initially to use products that enhance the skin barrier function by using appropriate concentrations of retinol and alpha-hydroxy agents prior to applying any sunscreens. Retinoids such as retinol and tretinoin stimulate fibroblast activity and encourage repair and regeneration of skin. We recommend the ZO sun damage penetration system. Freckles require bleaching and blending with ZO skin care range combining tretinoin and hydroquinone to improve and help even out skin colour. A light chemical peel such as the ZO Invisapeel or the ZO Stimulation peel will supplement with a tightening effect.

J-Plasma FACE is an amazing new revolutionary skin treatment that can literally stop ageing in its tracks and allows you to hit the RESET button. It has been described by many prominent cosmetic doctors in the US as revolutionary. Rejuvence Clinic is the first and only clinic in the UK to offer J-Plasma facial resurfacing. For those suffering with lots of wrinkles and deep lines J-Plasma FACE can help resurface the skin and make it tighter, fresher and help to eliminate a lot of the signs of ageing. For further details please contact us to arrange for a consultation.

Extensive sun damage arising from a lifetime of excessive sun exposure and poor sun protection practices alongside smoking can mean the development of lots of wrinkles and deep lines. Apart from changes to daily skin care along with chemical peels, there are other treatment options. Microneedling along with platelet rich plasma and skin booster as well as absorbable threads (used for thread lifts) can help to improve wrinkles and rhytides as well other signs of sun damage. Some of these treatments are particularly effective over the décolletage regions (chest, shoulders, neck and upper back). Indeed often many strive hard to rid the face of the signs of ageing and sun damage but a glance at their décolletage often still gives away their age. This is not a region to be ignored and pleasing results can be achieved.

Sun spots and actinic keratoses are signs of more severe sun damage and require urgent changes to lifestyle habits with a reduction in sun seeking behaviour. Superficial sunspots are can be treated with bleaching and blending skin care regimes. However, more established sun spots and actinic keratoses require more aggressive removal and the cryopen can be very useful for this. Following stabilisation of skin health over a period of at least 6 to 18 weeks (depending upon strength of retinoids used) and removal of some lesions a ZO controlled depth BLUE peel can aid as a tightening and to some extent levelling treatment for the skin.

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