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Stretch Marks

Striae distensae are otherwise known more commonly as stretch marks. They do not cause any medical problem but can cause significant psychological distress. Stretch marks affect skin that is subjected to continuous and progressive stretching. This usually occurs in the abdomen and breasts of pregnant women, in teenagers undergoing a growth spurt, especially over the buttocks as well as on the shoulders of bodybuilders and individuals who are overweight.

Can stretch marks be treated?

Successful treatment of stretch marks requires repair and regeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermis (deeper layer) of the skin. Treatment of stretch marks requires a combination approach to achieve realistic positive results.

How do stretch marks form?

The stretching that the skin is subjected to comes from within and essentially affects the dermis (deeper layers of the skin) rather than the epidermis (upper layer of the skin). Healthy dermis consists of a lattice arrangement of collagen and elastin providing the skin with tensile strength and elasticity. Stretching results in disruption of this structure and repair and regeneration is compromised. It also results in inflammation that affects the epidermis.

Under the microscope, research into stretch marks has revealed evidence of thin and inflamed epidermis. The dermis has reduced amounts of collagen and elastin. The collagen and elastin that remains is extremely disorganised.

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Treatment Options for Stretch Marks
Platelet Rich Plasma
(includes microneedling)
From £295.00
Threadlift From £595.00
ZO Oraser Cellulite Control and Body Smoothing £75.00
ZO Oraser Body emulsion Plus £75.00

Rejuvence Philosophy

Using our thorough understanding of the microscopic changes that occur to the skin when affected by striae dispense or stretch marks, we are able to offer bespoke, cutting edge treatments that can make real improvements to their appearance. We have a real appreciation for the significant psychological distress stretch marks can cause and always strive towards a holistic approach to treatment. We are here to help you not just with an aesthetic concern but also with your confidence and self esteem. Your appearance should never hold back your enjoyment of life.


Microneedling of the affected regions result in collagen production. Combination with platelet rich plasma can accelerate this. Platelet rich plasma can also stimulate production of hyaluronic acid which will help to plump up the skin and increase the levels of hydration. There will also be modest improvements in colour tone.

Supplementing with superficial chemical peels can help to even out skin tone and level out the epidermis (upper layer of the skin). This can help to improve the appearance of stretch marks. Regular skincare with a combination of hydroquinone and mild tretinoin or retinol will provide a blending effect that can improve the overall colour tone.

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