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At Rejuvence we aim to offer our clients the most cutting edge aesthetic and regenerative treatments available in the UK today. We combine the latest technology with the newest concepts. We are the first clinic in the UK to introduce J Plasma to the UK and are currently the designated training hub for J Plasma. We have the Magellan TruPRP system in clinic as well as innovative hair care supplements and amongst the first few clinics in the UK to use micronized fat in stem cell treatments for hair loss, facial rejuvenation and joint strains and tendon/ligament injuries.

Rejuvence Clinic came about through a shared interest in aesthetic and anti ageing medicine and the desire to set up a practice in keeping with the recommendations outlined by the Keogh report published in April 2013.

What is the Keogh report?

Lord Keogh was appointed by the government to carry out a review of the aesthetic industry and to provide a list of recommendations to form the basis of future regulation of the industry to ensure patients receive appropriate, well delivered treatments in an ethical and non-pressured environment. This report identified significant shortcomings in the practice of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic interventions across the country including aggressive marketing, no cooling off period for patients, poor consent process, poor follow up process and a lack of industry recognised standards of training that the public can understand and recognise in their search for the best possible practitioner.

Doctor-led and Doctor-delivered

At Rejuvence we are determined to offer a transparent and non-pressured environment for our clients. We are a doctor-led clinic that provides treatments only delivered by doctors. We have extensive experience in cosmetic medicine and have completed industry recognised training.

Relaxed and comfortable setting

At Rejuvence we provide a well balanced, relaxed environment where we believe our patients will feel comfortable and able to express their aesthetic concerns free from the pressure of a hard sell.

No pressure policy

We are always keen and open to a cooling off period enabling our clients to take time to make any decisions regarding any treatment choices they make. There is absolutely no pressure to press ahead with treatments at the first meeting. We have a clear and transparent consent process and will always ensure safety and security when it comes to safeguarding your clinical details and photographic material.

Empowering our clients

At Rejuvence we strongly believe in empowering our patients with all the relevant information pertaining to a particular aesthetic concern and all the available treatment options. First and foremost we listen and then discuss as opposed to dictate what is best for our clients. We believe in adopting a holistic approach and are very sensitive to the psychological effects of a particular concern and recognise its importance. We are here to form longstanding partnerships with our clients and hope that many of these will progress to friendships.

Realistic outcomes

At Rejuvence we are always keen to stress realistic outcomes to our clients. We are always honest and realistic in our expectations of a treatment and are keen to ensure that our clients understand this. We do not make grand and outrageous claims to push through a sale. If something works fantastic we will tell you. If something is not going to work well we will also tell you.

What is evidence-based medicine?

We are firm believers in the use of evidence based medicine. For too long the practice of cosmetic medicine has been based on the use of treatments and products that promise much but have little scientific evidence in the form of extensive trials to backup their claims. Evidence based medicine is the practice of medicine that has firm scientific data in the form of trials to demonstrate clearly that a particular treatment has a significant effect and that it actually works. We have a research background and only deliver treatments to our patients that we know works. We only provide cosmetic products that have been the subject of a strong assessment process to demonstrate its efficacy.

Transparent and competitive pricing

At Rejuvence we believe that our products and treatments are for all. We provide treatments for clients from all walks of life. We believe our pricing is very competitive and reasonable. We are transparent in our pricing structure and are keen to help our clients as much as possible. We do not offer time limited special offers. This was a heavily criticised practice highlighted in Lord Keogh’s report. We do not believe in time limited special offers as we believe that clients should not be pressured into purchasing specific treatments based on special offers and extras. All our treatments are fantastically priced, great value for money and our clients always receive a great service irrespective of the time of year. We also only use the best products that come with the greatest reputation.

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