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Dermal Filler – What is it?

In an unregulated industry dermal fillers are offered by anyone from a plastic surgeon on Harley Street to a beautician in a suburban salon. But what are dermal fillers? What types of dermal fillers are there? Are they safe? At Rejuvence all our filler treatments are carried out by doctors. We merge artistry and beauty with facial anatomy.


The secret to beautiful cheek fillers is a thorough understanding of the interaction between the layers of the face and the underlying bone structure. At Rejuvence we harmonise volume with sharp lines. Whether you are after ‘apple cheeks’ or chiseled definition, we have the technical know how and artistic prowess to give you lovely results.


Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out jowls and chisel the jaw to give sharper lines that accentuate the face. At Rejuvence we are able to relate emotional cues to facial features. We appreciate the differences between the male and female face and reflect this in all our filler treatments.


Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is so much more than just volume. At Rejuvence we provide lip filler treatments that emphasise lines as well as increase volume. We merge subtly with artistry to give luscious results.


Dermal filler treatments are more than just volume correction. It is important to appreciate the difference between a strong and powerful masculine chin and the elegance and poise of a feminine one. At Rejuvence we have a thorough understanding of the differences in the profile of the male and female face and this allows us to deliver satisfying results.

Under Eye

The eyes are the window to the soul. The stresses and strains of life result in loss of volume under the eyes as well as dark circles. At Rejuvence we are experts at tear trough filler treatments that help to return that sparkle and reinvigorate the under eye area. Under eye treatments are the most technical. Make sure you visit us to get an expert opinion and fantastic results at an affordable price.


Whether it’s a dorsal hump or a dipping nasal tip, dermal fillers can be used to sculpt a sweeping profile without the pain and downtime of a surgical nose job. At Rejuvence we provide non-surgical filler treatments for nose re-contouring. We provide safe and effective results using only the best products.

Smile Lines

Prominent nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines, are often an early sign of aging. They can be treated effectively with dermal fillers. For the best results it is not always a case of filling but maybe more about lifting. At Rejuvence, we can advise and deliver filler treatments that will help reduce smile lines without overfilling the face.


We are in the midst of a pandemic and it is essential that we maintain the safety of our patients as staff above all else. Before attending Rejuvence Clinic for your appointment please review the following safety guidelines. 


If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms, or if you live with someone with COVID-19 or someone with symptoms, please notify us immediately.


If you or someone you live with has any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, fever, chills, shaking, muscle pain, headache, new loss of taste or smell, you MUST NOT attend. Please call us immediately and we will reschedule your appointment.


Once you arrive at clinic, please press the intercom. Upon answering you will be asked to come into the building and wait in the lobby. You will be met by one of our staff. 

Everyone must have a wellness check prior to coming in:

  • You must wear a face mask at all times
  • We will check your temperature with a no-touch wall mounted thermometer. If you have a high temperature you will be asked to leave and we will reschedule your appointment. 
  • Please do not bring anyone else with you to your appointment. This is to minimise risk to both staff and patients.
  • Please sanitise your hands using the wall mounted alcohol no-touch sanitiser. 
  • Please wear shoe covers before entering. 


Only patients with scheduled appointments will be allowed into the clinic.  You must come alone – no guests, family, or and friends can come with you into our clinic at this time.

No walk-ins are allowed, only scheduled appointments. Please call us on 0207 531 6600 or Whatsapp us on 07504 552772 with any questions or to purchase products.


All staff, and anyone entering our clinic will be wearing masks. Depending on your treatment, clinicians may also wear goggles and face shields. Our staff will have daily wellness checks including temperature readings and symptom monitoring.

We appreciate you abiding by our safety guidelines to keep our staff, other patients, and our community healthy.


Vulnerable people at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should only leave home for medical care and essential activities. Virtual consultations are available with Rejuvence Clinic. Please contact us directly at 0207 531 6600 or Whatsapp on 07504 552772 to schedule your virtual consultation.


We appreciate you abiding by our safety guidelines to keep our staff, other patients, and our community healthy.

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