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Wrinkle Prevention

Facial ageing is a complex process that is truly three-dimensional. Ageing occurs at the level of the skin, fat and muscle.

How does the skin age?

Ageing of the skin can be separated into intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing is defined as ageing that occurs naturally and has a strong genetic influence. Certain lucky people simply age better than others. Extrinsic ageing is defined as lifestyle factors that can accelerate or worsen the ageing process. The main contributors to extrinsic ageing are excessive sun exposure and smoking. Surprisingly, intrinsic ageing only contributes 10% to the overall process. Extrinsic ageing contributes a massive 90% to the overall ageing process. Hence appropriate lifestyle changes and protective measures can have a massive impact on how we age.

What can we do to age better?

Stop smoking and don’t go out in the sun. These are the most effective steps that can be taken to slow down the ageing process. Active sun protection using good quality sunscreens are essential and should be part of any daily skin care program irrespective of the time of year and the amount of sunshine present. Supplementation with ZO skincare program that aims to maintain skin health will go a long way to helping you looking younger well beyond your years. Retinol and tretinoin creams will help to keep up collagen and elastin levels. Antioxidants will help to rid the skin of oxygen free radicals that are a natural byproduct of skin metabolism and function. Sebum control will reduce the occurrence of chronic inflammation. Regular exfoliation and scrubbing will help with the turnover of epidermal (upper layer of the skin) cells and help the skin’s barrier function. Regular yearly chemical peels will help to tighten skin and even out skin tone.

Treatment Options for Wrinkle Prevention
Chemical Peels:

Obagi Blue Peel (Superficial)
ZO Three Step Peel

Platelet Rich Plasma
(includes microneedling)
From £295.00
Wrinkle Relaxation Injections From £220.00
ZO Daily Skin Care Program £100.00
ZO Anti-aging Program £150.00
ZO Aggressive Anti-aging Program £200.00

Rejuvence Philosophy

At Rejuvence we believe prevention is better than cure. Ageing is inevitable and certain people age better than others. However staying away from the sun, not smoking, good diet, regular exercise and a good skin care program can keep us looking younger for longer. We can help with your skincare choices. We can also provide intermittent maintenance treatment that will help to keep that glow and delay the inevitable ageing process.

A youthful face is not just the result of good skin but also thanks to plump and well contoured mid-face and cheeks. Much of this is the result of well packaged and taut parcels of fat that are arranged below the skin and keep the cheeks looking plump and well shaped. As we age there are changes in the volume of these parcels of fat. The deep parcels of fat tend to lose volume and deflate. The superficial parcels of fat are more variable and may lose or gain fat depending upon our dietary habits. As a result the cheeks are not as plump and taut. In addition we can develop folds around the mouth and nose due to sagging of fat – the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Good control of weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to prevent acceleration of the mid facial ageing. Rapid changes in weight can also worsen mid facial ageing. Mid-facial rejuvenation can be achieved with the use of dermal fillers, notably hyaluronic acid.

As we age the muscles of the face will slowly start to gain strength and size. They contribute to the formation of crows feet, forehead lines and lines over the bridge of the nose in later years. When these are a problem, first line treatment is the use of wrinkle relaxation injections. Recently there has been a growing trend towards using much smaller doses of wrinkle relaxation injections into the forehead and either side of the eyes for the prevention, or at least delayed development, of the signs of ageing in younger clients.

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