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As we age there is a gradual decline in collagen and elastin from the skin. Collagen provides skin with its strength. Elastin gives skin that youthful snap back effect. Loss of collagen and elastin, along with the effects of gravity, results in sagging. Around the forehead and eyebrows this can result in a sagging effect that makes the upper eyelids look heavy and sallow.

What conventional treatments can help with this?

For years wrinkle relaxing injections into the forehead and around the eyes have been used to reduce forehead frown lines and crow’s feet. By placing different amounts of product in the outer and inner regions of the forehead it is possible to give clients a temporary brow lift by manipulating facial muscles and weakening some more than others. The effects are great but don’t last for more than 4 months.

How are threads different?

PDO threads have really taken off in the last few years with a variety of different types of threads now available. At Rejuvence we use PDO and PCL threads from South Korea – the pioneers of PDO thread lift techniques. Using a combination of 360 degree ‘cog’ threads placed under the skin in a specific orientation it is possible to lift the forehead region and specifically the eyebrows providing a lifting effect. Following insertion of the threads, they are absorbed over a period of 3 months and replaced by strong strands of collagen. This results in a brow lift that lasts between 18 and 24 months depending on whether PDO or PCL threads are used. The cog threads can also be combined with flat and screw twisted threads. These are normally much smaller in length and placed at right angles to the cog threads. The result is increased production of collagen and to some extent elastin. They also have a unique rejuvenating effect, helping with fine lines, wrinkles and even scars.

Is this a surgical procedure?

PDO threads are considered to be a non-invasive technique that can achieve great results. The entire procedure can be carried out within an hour and can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Small amounts of local anaesthetic are required at the thread insertion sites.

No rejuvenating treatment is not without its risks. PDO thread lifts are no different. Considering how thin the skin around the eyes and forehead is, it is possible to place the ‘cog’ threads too superficially such that they are visible or can be felt under the skin. In such cases the threads can easily be removed but it is important to always receive this treatment from a reputable clinic. In view of this, at Rejuvence Clinic, we prefer to use more flat and twisted threads providing a collagen boost and rejuvenation, although the effects are slightly delayed and can take up to 3 to 4 months to appear. Despite this, the lifting effect achieved is more natural and longer lasting.
At Rejuvence Clinic we are passionate about PDO threads and have devised our own unique technique to provide excellent results that are natural and long lasting. We are also great believers in combination treatments. We often combine PDO and PCL threads with PRP and more recently stem cells (micronised fat). Contact us for a free consultation.

As already mentioned there are a number of different types of PDO and PCL threads available. Cog threads have small hooked serrations all the way around the thread allowing the thread to grip the underside of the skin once inserted and hence if anchored properly can provide an immediate lifting effect. However, on the downside, often what happens is that the lifting effect achieved only lasts around 4 to 5 months and the threads slip. They will still get absorbed and result in collagen deposition but that immediate lift is short lived and you are left with a lift that is not as dramatic. Flat threads have no serrations and are simply placed under the skin hence no immediate lift is visible. However, by inserting multiple flat threads in the form of mesh under the skin it is possible to achieve a fantastic collagen boost once they are absorbed and although delayed, a more natural lift and beautiful rejuvenation can be achieved. The best approach is to use a combination of the two types. At Rejuvence Clinic we tend to prefer a flat threads approach.

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