Jaw Lift


Threads have really taken off in recent years. It is minimally invasive and produces results similar to the more expensive surgical face lift. Threads are used to treat jowls and sagging skin around the cheeks. It is also used to treat bands and sagging skin in the neck as well as drooping of the eyebrows. A set of threads to either side of the face and neck can provide a lifting effect that can redefine the jaw and cheek regions as well as tighten the neck.

PDO Threads VS Spring Thread

At Rejuvence Clinic we are able to offer 2 types of thread for jaw lifts – PDO Threads and the Spring Thread®.


PDO Threads are special surgical sutures. These threads, when inserted underneath the skin, are absorbed over a period of 3 months and replaced with strands of collagen and elastin. As the new collagen is laid down the skin gradually starts to contract and become tighter helping to improve jowls and sharpen up the jaw line. Some PDO threads have small hooks called cogs. When these are inserted they can be used to help lift sagging skin to give an immediate lifting effect that can last for up to 18 months. 

The Spring Thread® is a biocompatible, silicone based permanent thread with moulded round cogs. It is thicker and stronger than PDO threads and able to provide much greater lift that lasts for much longer – up to 5 years. The Spring Thread® also stimulates new collagen and this results in facial rejuvenation. 

How do PDO Threads help with a jaw lift and jowls?

PDO ‘Cog’ threads can be inserted along the border of the jaw line and lower half of the cheek. These threads can then be anchored just below the ear lobes and used to tighten up the jaw line and help to improve jowls and marionette lines. The ‘cog’ threads can then be reinforced with ‘flat’ threads or ‘screw/twisted’ threads in a criss cross manner running over the ‘cogs’. This results in a meshwork of threads that will be replaced with collagen strands over the next 3 to 4 months helping to maintain the lift achieved. A PDO thread lift for the jaw line can last for up to 18 months. However, they are best suited to younger patients and smaller jowls.

How can Spring Threads be used to provide a jaw lift?

The Spring Thread® is inserted in a similar manner to PDO threads. Spring Threads® consist of a biocompatible silicone matrix with moulded round cogs. These cogs anchor into the tissues just below the skin. Once inserted they can be tightened and sagging skin lifted. The Spring Thread® is much thicker and stronger than PDO threads. Hence much fewer are needed. The lift achieved is much greater and lasts for longer. The Spring Thread® is a much better option for older patients who often have much heavier jowls with results lasting for up to 5 years. 


The Spring Thread® can be anchored just in front of the ear, similar to PDO Threads or indeed a little lower down. Fewer threads are needed thanks to their superior strength. 


Thread lifts are a non-invasive treatment performed using only small amounts of local anaesthetic. On the whole it is not especially uncomfortable. At Rejuvence Clinic we apply topical anaesthetic cream over the face 15 to 20 minutes prior to treatment. This is followed by marking up of all thread insertion points. We then inject a small amount of local anaesthetic at the thread insertion points before making a small nick in the skin with a needle. ‘Cog’ threads are subsequently tunnelled underneath the skin using cannula technique. With regards to a jaw lift this is usually relatively painless although some clients do feel some discomfort as the cannula gets close to the corners of the mouth. We will usually top up with a little local anaesthetic in these regions.

A Spring ThreadⓇ lift typically lasts for between 3 to 5 years. This is much longer than a PDO thread lift. In addition there is also new collagen stimulation resulting in facial rejuvenation. In published long term studies a large number of patients have reported continuing improvements over the 1st year. In addition, thanks to the unique biocompatible nature of this thread, fibrosis occurs in and around the thread allowing it to really embed into the face naturally and hence results in longer lasting effects.

The main complication associated with PDO thread lifts is bruising. This is especially the case with jaw lifts as there are a couple of large vessels that run along the jawline. It is also very important to avoid the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve. This also runs along the jawline and if injured whilst inserting threads can cause a lot of pain. Often in many clinics ‘cog’ threads are inserted along the jawline to improve it’s profile and things look fantastic when you leave the clinic. However, the threads are often wound too tight and often there will be a sudden drop in the lift achieved, within a few months.


We are very well versed in the anatomy of the face and use combination thread techniques that result in longer lasting results although the effects are gradual. First and foremost we always use safe technique to minimise any complications.


At Rejuvence Clinic, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We always use safe technique and your well being is our absolute priority. Contact us to book a consultation.

As with PDO threads, the Spring ThreadⓇ is a relatively safe procedure. Despite being substantially thicker than PDO threads, as long as they are inserted into the right area and sufficiently deep, the threads are not visible through the skin. In addition thanks to their unique elasticity, they glide with the skin during facial movements such as smiling. They feel more comfortable than PDO threads. With Spring ThreadⓇ it is very important to maintain excellent sterile technique throughout. Antibiotics are routinely provided afterwards. It is also extremely important to maintain excellent hygiene to reduce the risk of infection. Those with pets at home should not be considering this treatment as the risk of infection is much higher. If need be the threads can be removed and readjusted but this is usually extremely rare.

After a PDO thread lift, there is normally no bunching up of the skin. However, with the Spring ThreadⓇ jaw lift, due to the extra lift achieved there can be a fold of skin that appears around the insertion points close to the ear. This is nothing to worry about as the skin normally reorganises itself and flattens out. In cases where there is a lot of excess skin due to extreme laxity we can cut this away and stitch it similar to a face lift but this is rarely needed.


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We appreciate you abiding by our safety guidelines to keep our staff, other patients, and our community healthy.

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