Male Pattern Hair Loss


Androgenic Alopecia – Male Pattern Hair Loss

This is the commonest form of hair loss and is to a greater extent hereditary. Androgenic alopecia is partially due to the effects of testosterone on hair follicles. Testosterone (male sex hormone) is converted to dihydrotestosterone by the enzyme five alpha reductase. There are two types of this enzyme of which the second type is present in hair roots of the scalp. Those who do not have this enzyme do not, on the whole, suffer from androgenic alopecia.

How is Male Pattern Hair Loss graded?

The Hamilton – Norwood classification is the gold standard classification system for male pattern hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. Characteristically there is shrinking of hairs with hair loss generally starting at the front of the hair line extending towards the top of the scalp and backwards.

What treatments are available at Rejuvence for hair loss?

There are a large number of treatment options for hair loss for both males and females. Treatments and their success depend upon the underlying cause of hair loss. The most common type of hair loss in men is androgenic alopecia otherwise known as pattern hair loss. Established first line treatments include Minoxidil Foam, Gel or tablets, Caffeine based shampoos, DHT blockers as well as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). We normally recommend vitamin supplementation with our Replenology range. In addition we regularly use Minoxidil tablets. DHT blockers are also available but require an in depth discussion concerning potential side effects and their impact on quality of life. All of these treatments can help to reduce hair loss to some extent. For more extensive hair loss and balding many men consider a FUE hair transplant but this should really be considered the last option. At Rejuvence our resident hair transplant specialist Dr Waqas Chaudhary offers FUE Hair Transplants


Plasma Therapy has emerged over the last 5 years as a very promising treatment for hair loss with many patients showing significant reduction in hair loss, and even significant increases in new hair growth. However, the effectiveness of plasma therapy is specifically dependent upon cellular concentration levels, viability and purity of the serum. At Rejuvence we are able to offered advanced plasma therapy options – Magellan™ and Angel Arthrex™. We also have an entry level option – Neogenesis. 


Exosomes are a potential break through treatment option in the fight against male pattern hair loss. Exosomes are small packets of proteins and growth factors that are produced and released by almost all cells. Scientists are now able to grow exosomes in the lab and store them for use in the treatment of hair loss. When combined with microneedling they are absorbed by cells of the scalp easily and can trigger regeneration and growth of hair follicles. At Rejuvence Clinic we are now able to offer E50 Exosome treatments along side a painless delivery method – Target Cool.


For the successful management and control of male pattern hair loss it is important to adopt a combination approach using a variety of treatments in tandem. Relying on a single treatment option is normally only effective in the every early stages of hair loss. Ultimately for moderately sustained and consistent results a combination of treatments is needed. At Rejuvence we are able to advise you on the best options available. Contact us to book a consultation. 

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Exosomes for hair loss - A new BREAK THROUGH treatment for hair loss!

Exosomes are a new break through treatment alternative for hair loss. Exosomes are produced by almost all cells in the body. They are essentially small packets released by cells containing a variety of proteins, growth factors, specific genetic material called RNA and mRNA as well as signalling molecules. These packets have a ‘lipid bilayer’ wall and are extremely small. This means they are easily absorbed by surrounding cells and able to easily deliver their contents. Cells of particular organs produce specific types of exosomes. Exosomes are capable of promoting tissue regeneration, new blood vessel development as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. When specific types of exosomes are delivered to the scalp they can initiate new hair growth.

Where do Exosomes come from?

Exosomes are generally obtained from three main sources. They can be derived from plants, animals or humans. Ideally, the science suggests that the most effective exosomes are likely to be derived from humans and specifically from stem cells in the umbilical cord or mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells have the greatest ability to remodel into any other cell and hence likely to produce exosomes that are the most versatile. At present there are a number of groups in South Korea and the United States that have successfully mass produced human derived exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells and are trialing these in a multitude of medical conditions. However, all human derived products including exosomes are banned in the UK and Europe and hence not available. Plant derived exosomes and animal derived exosome products are available on the market and are approved for use in the UK. They have also been shown to be effective in a variety of conditions including hair loss. 

E50 Exosome Hair Loss Treatment at Rejuvence

E50™ Exosomes are derived from salmon testes. Salmon testes are known for their purified DNA and are an excellent source for exosomes safe for human use. E50 exosomes are specifically engineered to contain growth factors and proteins that are able to help with androgenic alopecia. Specifically E50 Exosomes have a number of effects oh hair including the promotion and differentiation of hair follicle stem cells in the bulge cells of the hair follicle as well as the dermal papilla and outer root sheath. E50 also helps to reduce the telogen (resting) phase of the hair cycle and extend the anagen (growing) phase of the hair cycle thereby partially reversing the miniaturisation effects of male and female pattern hair loss. E50 exosomes also have a positive impact on the extracellular environment of the hair follicles improving conditions for hair growth as well as having potentially anti-inflammatory effects. 


The treatment is carried out in conjunction with microneedling. Initially the scalp is treated with a microneedling device and the E50 exosome is subsequently massaged into the scalp. It is regarded as a cosmetic product and hence not approved for injection into the skin although this has been shown to be completely safe. E50 is most effective when combined with microneedling. The application of E50 can be combined with plasma therapy or as a standalone treatment. When used as a standalone treatment it is recommended that the treatment be repeated 5 times at 1 month intervals followed by maintenance treatments twice a year. 


At Rejuvence we are excited by the potential of this treatment especially in conjunction with both Magellan and Angel Arthrex. Book a consultation now by calling 02075316600 or contacting us on WhatsApp. 

Foams and shampoos containing 5% minoxidil, such as “RegainTM”, have been shown to reduce hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. Minoxidil was discovered during clinical trials for high blood pressure. Minoxidil promotes hair regrowth by reversing miniaturization of hair follicles, increasing blood flow around follicles, stimulating follicular movement from resting to the growth phase and extending each follicle’s growth phase. Appreciable improvement in hair density can be expected at 9 to 12 months. However, stopping the product often results in new regrowth hairs falling out. More recently there has been a shift towards the use of oral minoxidil in the form of a tablet. The effects are very similar to topical minoxidil without the tedious need for spending 30minutes twice a day applying it on the scalp. 

DHT blockers have also been used in the treatment of androgenic alopecia. This group of medication blocks the action of five alpha reductase and hence reduces the amount of dihydrotestosterone. As a result hair loss is reduced. There were initially fears that they may increase the risk of prostate cancer but these fears have been shown to be incorrect. Despite DHT blockers being more effective than minoxidil and caffeine in treating hair loss it can be associated with significant side effects. A proportion of men have complained of reduced sex drive and weaker erections, both of which seriously compromise their sex life. More recently, a weak association has been found between long term DHT blockers use and mental health problems such as depression and even psychosis. Despite all of this, this is the medication of choice for those ultimately considering a hair transplant.

Microneedling and plasma therapy is fast emerging as an effective treatment for androgenic alopecia especially suited to the treatment of male pattern hair loss. Studies published to date have included both males and females suffering with hair loss and demonstrated significant gains of almost 10 to 15% in hair thickness and hair density following an average of three treatment sessions over three months. Plasma treatments are very well tolerated in men and do not involve a lengthy invasive procedure. The treatment can also be targeted to specific sparser areas of the scalp leaving thick healthy hairs untouched. 

However, not all plasma treatments are the same! 

Numerous clinics in the UK and abroad provide plasma treatments for hair loss. It is important to understand that you get what you pay for. Plasma therapy for hair loss has been found to be effective only when the concentration is approximately 4 to 5 times normal baseline. More or less than this renders the plasma less effective. The vast majority of clinics offering plasma therapy in the UK use test tube based systems. It is well documented that these systems can only achieve concentrations of up to 2 times baseline. Often it can be much less than this. At Rejuvence we are able to offer our clients the Magellan™ and Angel Arthrex™ systems. Both result in high quality appropriately concentrated plasma that can really deliver excellent results. Angel Arthrex is able to customise cellular content to yield a more anti-inflammatory plasma serum that can be especially helpful in Alopecia Areata. Please contact us to book a consultation.

At Rejuvence we go a step further than the rest! We are one of the first few clinics in the UK that offer fat cell based biocellular hair loss treatments. Treatment of hair loss with nanofat goes a step further than plasma therapy alone. Recent advances in minimally invasive liposuction have shown that by filtering (micronizing) your own fat, it is possible to tap into a rich source of progenitor cells and growth factors. The difference between plasma therapy and nanofat treatments is that plasma is used as a chemical messenger to attract cells and growth factors to the region of interest. With biocellular treatments, nanofat is directly injected into the region of interest. This is clearly going to yield better results and many hair transplant surgeons in the US and around the world have started incorporating micronized fat into their transplant regimes with very promising results. At Rejuvence Clinic we combine Magellan™ with micronized fat to give you a biorestorative hair loss treatment that can give you the best results possible for hair loss. Please contact us for a consultation.

Shampoos containing caffeine have been shown in recent studies to improve hair regrowth. Caffeine has been shown to block the effects of five alpha reductase and hence prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This helps to reduce hair loss and assist hair regrowth. Caffeine’s ability to increase blood supply to the scalp is also beneficial for hair follicles.

Numerous practitioners have claimed spectacular results with injections of cocktails containing vitamins and plant extracts. Limited scientific evidence exists for their effectiveness. In fact what has been published in scientific journals sites nasty allergic reactions that have resulted in scarring and left patients with permanent hair loss. Be wary of spectacular claims from clinics offering mesotherapy for hair loss.

At Rejuvence we offer intravenous vitamin drips tailored to specific needs. Our Hair Boost Drip consists of a combination of vitamins and biotin and can help improve the quality of your existing hair as well as improve hair loss. 

A hair transplant is not always the best solution!

Many suffering with hair loss believe that a hair transplant is the ultimate solution for their problem. Indeed aggressive advertising and cost cutting by clinics predominantly based in Turkey has meant that a hair transplant is potentially affordable for many more now. However, it is very important to understand that opting for a cheap hair transplant abroad by no means guarantees the best possible result. Indeed if a hair transplant goes wrong and the implantation pattern is substandard results can not be reversed. A hair transplant is the last resort. The most number of hairs that can be transplanted in one sitting is around 3000. These hairs are strategically implanted into a region that, in its prime, had between 30000 to 40000 hairs. Hair transplantation is no more than a treatment of last resort where there are no other options left.


In contrast early treatment with plasma therapy and new biocellular techniques on offer at Rejuvence can potentially mean you can save what hair you have and have hair regrowth much greater than any hair transplant can achieve. So before you jump to a hair transplant consider plasma therapy and biocellular hair treatments at Rejuvence Clinic.

REPLENOLOGY Hair Supplements - Replenishment & Nourishment

REPLENOLOGY Hair is a four part natural system formulated for use by both women and men to fully replenish nutrients that are lacking when experiencing hair loss and that are necessary for healthy hair. These nutrients target 21 causes of hair loss and support normal scalp & intrinsic hair functions along with providing cosmetic benefit to protect and improve the look of healthy and fuller hair. The Replenology Hair Daily Dietary Supplement can be combined with Replenology Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner. In addition the Daily Advanced Follicle Nutriment is a topical product that can be applied to specific patches of hair loss in much the same way as topical Minoxidil.


Replenology Hair works by replenishing nutrients in the hair follicles that have been depleted due to ageing, diet, hormonal changes, environmental effects, certain medication and long term exposure to chemical ingredients in some hair products.

What are the benefits of Replenology?

Replenology Hair has been formulated to target 21 known causes of hair loss and shown to replenish nutrients in the hair follicles that are not normally found in a regular diet and hair care products, including natural stilbenes, wedelolactones, procyanidins. Replenology Hair is not a drug with associated potential side effects.


When will I see results? Replenology Hair begins working for you on the 1st day of use and you may see results as early as 4 to 8 weeks after commencing daily use. However, it may take 4 to 6 months to notice an effect. This will depend on how depleted the nutrients are in each individual and other overall health factors. You may notice a reduction in hair fall within 4 to 8 weeks followed by fuller and healthier looking hair on the scalp within 4 to 6 months. Once you begin using the Replenology Hair four part system you may experience an improvement in your wellbeing and energy levels due to the multiple vitamins, minerals and botanicals, that are rich in nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants, found in each of the Replenology Hair products. An improvement in the overall condition of your scalp and hair may also be experienced due to the nourishment that Replenology Hair will provide for you. The gentle but powerful ingredients will also protect your hair against the effects of everyday pollution and ultraviolet exposure.

Does Replenology actually work?

Replenology is a novel botanical natural product treatment for male and female pattern hair loss. A recent multi-author study (systematic review and Bayesian network meta-analysis) comparing improvements in hair growth across the main non-surgical hair loss treatments for male and female pattern hair loss including minoxidil, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), DHT blockers and Viviscal™. Replenology supplements demonstrated a statistically significant increase in terminal hair density in men and women that was greater than that observed for other treatment modalities included in the study. Women were found to have an accelerating terminal hair regrowth rate between 3 months and 6 months. Men had a continuous regrowth rate. Replenology did not demonstrate any signs of resistance whereas resistance was evident in all other treatment regimens. The study concluded that a multi-targeting treatment approach is required and that Replenology combined with other treatments such as plasma therapy show potential promise. However, statistical evidence of a superior response with Replenology compared to other more established non-surgical hair loss treatments does not mean it should completely replace minoxidil, and/or DHT blockers.



At Rejuvence Clinic we stock Replenology products and specifically sell the Professional Grade Supplement. For further details on the Replenology product line and whether it could benefit you in your battle against hair loss call us on 0207 531 6600 or WhatsApp us. 

PEP Factor Scalp

PEPFactor™ Scalp is a mesotherapy product developed by ReGen Factor – Australia. It is enriched with copper peptide, antioxidants and specifically bio-identical Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). Pepfactor promotes natural hair regrowth by stimulating collagen, skin and scalp regeneration alongside hair follicle regeneration. 


Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs) promote hair growth by triggering the anagen (growth) phase in resting hair follicles. Topical administration of fibroblast growth factors encourages an earlier anagen phase and subsequently prolongs the growing phase in the hair cycle – the same mechanism by which the majority of non-surgical hair loss treatments work. 


Copper peptides are a naturally occurring copper complex and more recently has become a key ingredient of some high-end anti-ageing skin care products. It supports the production of collagen and elastin and helps with repair of damaged tissue alongside antioxidant qualities. In the case of hair loss, copper peptides can stimulate the activity of hair follicles by again prolonging the anagen phase and accelerating the transition out of telogen (resting) phase. 

What can PEPFactor Scalp do for my hair?

The key to success with PEPFactor™ is the unique combination of copper peptides and basic fibroblast growth factor. Together they can stimulate hair growth by prolonging the anagen phase of hair growth and promote cell proliferation and tissue repair. The combination of copper peptides and basic fibroblast growth factor contribute to healing and repair of the scalp – this can be a key factor in certain scalp conditions including psoriasis that can also be associated with significant shedding and subsequent hair loss. Both promote angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels. It is generally accepted that a reduction in scalp blood supply likely contributes to the development of male and female pattern hair loss. Finally copper peptides in tandem with fibroblast growth factor have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

PEPFactor at Rejuvence

At Rejuvence Clinic we are able to offer PEPFactor Scalp as a treatment in combination with one of our plasma systems or as a stand-alone treatment option. We normally recommend incorporating at least one session of plasma therapy with PEPFactor Scalp and have seen significant improvements in hair regrowth. We also recommend incorporating it with our maintenance plasma protocols. PEPFactor is administered topically onto the scalp following thorough scalp microneedling. Using the new Target Cool system it is possible to administer PEPFactor into the superficial dermis of the scalp without any pain and in higher concentrations than possible with dermaroller. PEPFactor is approved for use in the UK as a Cosmetic Product for topical application with microneedling/dermaroller. Hair Loss treatment success is dependent upon using a combination of treatment approaches to tackle a multi-factorial problem.

Rejuvence Philosophy

Supplementation of microneedling and plasma therapy with Hair Facts Vitamin Supplements can provide great hope for those suffering with androgenic alopecia also known as male pattern hair loss. At Rejuvence Clinic we strongly believe in the potential of plasma therapy for the treatment of hair loss. Early treatment with plasma is likely to significantly delay the establishment of androgenic alopecia and can lay a great foundation for any future hair transplantation. Biocellular hair restoration at Rejuvence Clinic using nanofat from your own fat is a unique treatment option that can even surpass plasma therapy and give you even better results. For further details please contact us to book a consultation.


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