Compression Garments


After liposuction and Renuvion (J-Plazty) treatments, to obtain the most successful results, it is crucial to have the best aftercare. This is dependent on good compliance with manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression garments and skin care. The surgery is only 50% of the job done and excellent aftercare is just as important to ensure you get the best result possible. 

Compression garments after liposuction & J-Plazty

Wearing a compression garment after liposuction helps the body’s overall recovery and increases your comfort during the healing process. The body naturally produces fluid during recovery. This fluid can accumulate and become trapped, causing swelling and discomfort and prolong the healing process. A compression garment applies even pressure across the treatment area, preventing excessive fluid build-up and helping your body absorb any fluid that does accumulate. 


Compression garments can minimise the severity and longevity of bruising which is expected after liposuction. The consistent pressure of a compression garment helps stop bleeding and prevents blood from moving toward the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of bruises. 

Compression after Renuvion

In the case of Renuvion (J-Plazty) Skin Tightening procedures it is even more important. After Renuvion it is essential we prevent the underside of the skin from swelling up as this can loosen the tightening that has been achieved and will compromise the final result. Make sure to keep the skin tight and flat under the garment as creasing of the skin can occur if the garment is not put on properly. 

Compression Boards and Binders

Skin care after liposuction and Renuvion (J-Plazty) treatments is also essential. Often, if you are not careful skin can become creased underneath the compression garment especially when putting it on. If not noticed, the creases can permanently mark the skin and also result in scarring and fibrosis. Regular lymphatic drainage massage with our expert therapist can help to pick up skin marks and creasing early on. We always recommend using a compression board, especially for abdominal procedures. These foam boards are placed underneath the garment and help to prevent the formation of skin creases. 


A binder can also help to provide that extra bit of compression especially as fluid starts to get absorbed and your body shrinks in size. Maximal compression at all times will ensure the best possible result. 

How long should the garment be worn for?

It is recommended to wear the compression garment for a minimum of three weeks full time then for twelve hours at a time (day or night). If there is not a lot of redundant skin, this continues to a maximum of eight weeks. It is important to keep the garment on to get the desired shape and to reduce chances of lymphatic fluid build-up, decrease the amount of bruising and assist the loose skin in retracting or shrinking. 


The garment has to be tight and fitted snugly to ensure the best results. After two weeks, we always advise our clients to try to change the garment to a size smaller as the healed areas will begin to shrink to its normal size and the garment would not be as snug as before. 

What do we provide at Rejuvence Clinic?

At Rejuvence Clinic we provide all our clients with their first compression garment. We also provide all our clients with details of when and where to get their second garment from and are always on hand to provide assistance. The surgery is only 50% of the result and the aftercare consisting of manual lymphatic drainage and a well fitted compression garment is equally as important in order to achieve the best possible result. Our garments are all sourced from Yoga and we work closely with them to ensure our clients get the best possible service.

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