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At Rejuvence we are the first and only clinic in the UK to offer the revolutionary J-Plazty treatment. Dr Jack Zamora, a cosmetic surgeon based in Denver, Colorado, pioneered this technique using an innovative helium based plasma device known as J-Plasma. It has been featured widely in the American media and taken the US by storm. J-Plazty is a minimally invasive technique that can be used to tighten loose and crepey skin in different parts of the body that result from the normal aging process as well as following weight loss.

Often referred to as ‘bingo wings’, with age, many women suffer with excess skin and fat along the underside of the arms. Despite extensive weight loss and no end of triceps toning exercises, ‘bingo wings’ are near impossible to shift. Although predominantly afflicting women, men can also be plagued with this problem especially following significant weight loss after bariatric surgery.

What is J-Plazty Arms?

J-Plazty Arms is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthetic that can provide skin tightening and toning of the arms comparable to a brachioplasty in mild to moderate ‘bingo wings’. At Rejuvence we are the only clinic in the UK able to provide this revolutionary treatment. There are no large scars and with the procedure being performed under local anaesthetic, there are fewer risks involved. It costs less than half as much as a brachioplasty. Combined with VASER liposuction large amounts of fat reduction can also be achieved, making it far superior to PDO thread lifts and over the skin treatments. J-Plazty Arms provides phenomenal skin tightening that means where a brachioplasty was previously recommended in moderate bingo wings, patients can avoid this and have J-Plazty instead.

Who is a candidate for J-Plazty Arms?

The typical candidates for J-Plazty Arms are males and females aged between 30 and 80 years of age who have developed excess fat and lax skin behind the arms due to natural aging processes or following significant weight loss thanks to diet, exercise and/or bariatric surgery. J-Plazty Arms is especially fantastic for those who have undergone successful weight reduction surgery that has helped them shed pounds but left them with regions of excess skin – the arms being one of them.

What treatments are currently available for ‘bingo wings’?

Treatment options for excess fat and lax skin along the back of the arms are limited. In extreme cases the only option is a brachioplasty – also known as an arm lift. This is a surgical procedure that involves cutting away excess skin and fat from the back of the arms. This is an expensive procedure often costing around £3000 per arm. It also requires a general anaesthetic, prolonged downtime and a large scar often extending from close to the armpits towards the elbow. In the majority of cases such an invasive procedure is not justified and many are put off by the ugly scars left behind. VASER liposuction can provide satisfactory results with some element of skin tightening in mild cases. Non-invasive treatments include the use of PDO threads and over the skin ultrasound and radio-frequency treatments. Results are variable, skin tightening effect is limited and almost no fat reduction can be achieved.

J-Plazty uses the power of cold J-Plasma. Plasma energy has replaced traditional laser devices and is able to achieve better skin tightening and helps to increase collagen and elastin. J Plasma uses helium resulting in cold plasma energy that is extremely precise making it safer than other alternatives on the market. J-Plazty Arms is performed under local anaesthetic. Small incisions are made behind the shoulder and just above the elbow. After completing any necessary VASER liposuction the J-Plasma wand is used to treat the underside of the skin of the back of the arms. This helps to tighten and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

The downtime from J-Plazty Arms is significantly shorter than with a brachioplasty. Post-operative recovery is very similar to VASER liposuction. Following the procedure clients are asked to wear a compression garment for the first 72 hours and then continue to wear this every night for the next 4 weeks. There can be some oozing from the incision sites that are often left to heal naturally. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure and paracetamol will often suffice. We recommend our clients take 2 to 3 days off work. It is advisable to avoid any strenuous exercise for at least 2 weeks.

The results of J-Plazty Arms will be noticeable soon after the procedure within the first week. The results will continue to improve over the course of 2 to 3 months as there is continued skin contracture and generation of new collagen and elastin. J-Plazty Arms is in many ways a minimally invasive alternative to an arm lift. However, in cases of severe skin laxity a brachioplasty maybe the only option. For further details please book a consultation.

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