Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be successfully used to augment the chin in both men and women to sharpen up the facial profile and provide that sleek youthful look. Many men and women have anxieties about their chin especially when it is set back slightly. This is especially the case in a condition called micrognathia where the jaw is undersized. In severe cases, this can cause feeding and breathing difficulties in infancy and childhood and is usually part of complex genetic syndromes that require maxillofacial surgery. However, mild micrognathia is surprisingly common and often improves in adulthood. However, many are left with a chin that sits slightly back and this compromises the facial profile. Using dermal fillers it is possible to volumise the chin and pull it forwards. The overall effects on the facial profile are really incredible if done correctly.

Are there differences between the male and female chin?

A study conducted by Dr Penna at the University Medical Centre, Freiburg, Germany, looked at what makes for an attractive lower face in men and women. Aside from a fuller set of lips being considered attractive in both men (lower lip) and women (upper lip), the chin was considered to be especially important in men. A strong, prominent chin was deemed to be very attractive. In men, an attractive chin should be relatively strong with a width equal to that of the mouth and lips. In women, an attractive chin is also prominent with a width equal to the width of the nose. Projection of the chin ahead of the lips is not attractive and hence it is important not to go over the top with any chin augmentation procedure.

before-after before-after

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Augmentation of the chin with dermal fillers can help to extend the jawline and make it sharper. Often chin augmentation is recommended in combination with treatment for the jawline and both compliment each other extremely well. Augmentation of the chin can also help to reduce jowls as the added projection helps to stretch out the skin over the jawline and if needed a smaller amount of filler is required to camouflage the jowls that remain.

Augmentation of the chin with dermal fillers is a relatively risk free procedure. Filler is usually placed deep below the muscle and directly onto the bone. A large volume of filler is required and often a single syringe maynot be enough. As with other dermal filler treatments it is important to go to a fully trained and experienced cosmetic doctor who appreciates the differences between the male and female chin and is also able to appreciate the degree of micrognathia that maybe present. At Rejuvence Clinic all our dermal filler treatments are carried out by experienced and fully trained cosmetic doctors.

Treatment of the chin with hyaluronic acid fillers produces results that typically last for around 9 to 12 months. Repeat treatment is usually required at this point.
At Rejuvence Clinic we are able to combine techniques to provide excellent chin augmentation results alongside sharpening of the jawline.

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