What is the difference between Renuvion, J-Plasma & J-Plazty?

As we age our skin loses elastin and collagen. The net result of this is loose skin. Skin is no longer tight and taut. There is no snap back when you pinch your skin. The goal of all rejuvenating procedures is to help tighten the skin. The desire for tighter skin is not restricted to just the face. We want a tighter neck instead of a ‘turkey neck’ with horrible bands. We want tighter defined arms and not ‘bingo wings’. We want a flat tight tummy and not a loose saggy one. We want smooth toned hips and thighs and not loose, cellulite ridden legs.

Over the last few years a number of non invasive treatments have been introduced that claim to tighten the skin without the need for surgery. PDO threads were branded as the solution to skin tightening over the face and neck with many even suggesting it could be used to tighten the backs of the arms and tummy. PDO threads are absorbable stitches inserted under the skin and used in ‘non-surgical face lift’ procedures. After they are absorbed they result in new collagen. It is claimed that thread lifts last upto 18 months. Often this is not the case and the lifting effect only lasts around 6-9 months but with that collagen boost you do get some skin tightening. Threads need to be repeated every couple of years to maintain the effect.

Radio-frequency (RF) and High Frequency Ultrasound (HiFU) treatments are now becoming more popular. These technologies result in heat energy being transferred through the skin to the subdermal layer (layer just below the skin) resulting in the breakdown of loose disorganised collagen that is subsequently replaced with new tighter collagen. The result is tighter skin. But does RF and HiFU actually work? Well they do but not to the extent one would hope. Normally multiple sessions are required that can rack up to £1000s with only slim results.


At Rejuvence we are the 1st clinic in the UK to offer J-Plasma skin tightening. This is a revolutionary skin tightening treatment that combines radio-frequency with helium plasma to produce incredible skin tightening effects in multiple regions of the body including the neck, arms, tummy and thighs. It has taken the US by storm!

Bovie Medical

J-Plasma was developed by US company Bovie Medical. It was originally designed as an improved cutting diathermy tool for surgeons performing laparoscopic surgery. Innovators in the US decided to use the J-Plasma probe as a skin resurfacing tool similar to a laser and found it had amazing skin tightening effects on the face. Indeed patients looked 5-10 years younger with skin tightening effects similar to a surgical facelift!


Jack Zamora, a cosmetic surgeon based in Denver, Colorado, took J-Plasma one stage further and used it to treat the underside of the skin. He found that by treating the underside of the skin of the neck, arms and tummy he was able to deliver directly a large amount of controlled heat alongside RF energy. The result of this was superb skin tightening that was far superior to non-invasive RF or HiFU. He named his new technique J-Plazty and it became a sensation, with plastic and cosmetic surgeons all over the US rushing to his clinic in Denver to learn this new technique.


Over the last year the parent company – Bovie Medical – finally realised the true potential of the adaptations that had been made to J-Plasma by cosmetic surgeons such as Jack Zamora and re-branded it’s cosmetic arm as Renuvion. Bovie are now marketing what was known as J-Plasma as Renuvion.

In November 2017, Dr Amin and Dr Ghani – directors of Rejuvence Clinic – travelled to Denver and spent some time with Dr Jack Zamora. They are the first cosmetic doctors from the UK to have learnt the procedure and bring J-Plasma/J-Plazty/Renuvion over to the UK. Dr Jack Zamora even agreed for them to use his trademark – J-Plazty.

If you are looking for a minimally invasive skin tightening treatment for the face, neck, arms, tummy or thighs then you should consider opting for J-Plasma-J-Plazty-Renuvion at Rejuvence Clinic. Have a look at our page on J-Plazty and learn more about what is possible. The results are almost comparable in cases to surgical lifting procedures but without all the large scars, painful recovery and even more painful expense.

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