Penis Enlargement with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Do you want a larger penis? Penis Enlargement with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Penis size is an important issue for men. Men commonly believe that bigger is better and a perceived small penis can have a negative impact on self-esteem and sexual functioning. An online survey published by Professor Janet Lever at California State University showed that although 85% of women were happy with the size of their partner’s penis, 45% of men wanted to be larger.

Numerous studies have shown that, although the vast majority of men have a normal sized penis, there is a very high rate of satisfaction following treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers for penile enlargement. The majority of men undergoing non-surgical penile enhancement are pleased with the outcomes and don’t regret having had treatment.

However, treatment for penis enlargement is extremely controversial and by no means commonly practised. Therefore, if you are considering getting your penis enlarged, it is essential you consider the options available to you and have a thorough understanding of the risks involved and if you decide to go ahead, get the procedure done safely.

What is penile enhancement?

Penile enhancement refers to procedures that aim to increase the circumference (girth) of the penis, length of the penis or skin of the penis as well as the strength of erections. No single procedure can accomplish all these aims. In terms of increasing penis size it is clear that girth is more important than length, especially when it comes to sexual performance.

An increasing number of men are seeking cosmetic treatments for penile enhancement and specifically for penis girth enlargement. Hence there is a need for a simple, safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure for penis girth enlargement. Using hyaluronic acid fillers is proving to be a much safer and effective alternative to surgery.

What is the average penis size?

It has been reported in many studies that the majority of men who consider themselves to have a small penis are in fact normal in size. In a flaccid state the average penis length is between 7.6cm and 13.0cm. When erect the average penis length is 12.7cm to 17.7cm. The average girth is 8.5cm to 10.5cm when flaccid and 11.3cm to 13cm when erect.

Non-surgical penis enlargement treatments

Options for penile girth enlargement are the use of hyaluronic acid fillers or fat grafting.

How can fat be used for penis enlargement?

Similar to the well known ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’, where fat is taken from the tummy and flanks and used to increase the size of the buttocks, fat can also be used in the same way to increase penile girth. This involves taking fat from either the tummy or flanks and injecting it into the penis to increase its size. The advantages of fat over other injectables is that fat is more of a permanent solution but is often associated with potential complications. These include fat necrosis (fat that does not survive following injection into the penis), fat nodules under the skin of the penis that can be hard and lumpy, curving of the penis and even skin infections and wound breakdown.

Professor Dimitrije Panfilov published the results of 88 men who underwent penile girth enlargement with fat grafting in 2006. He reported a 97% satisfaction rate with an average girth increase of 2.65cm, 1 year after treatment. Dr DH Kang and his group published the outcome of fat grafting for penile girth enlargement in 2012. He followed up 52 men who had been treated with fat grafting and reported an average girth increase of 2.71cm with moderate satisfaction rates. However, he also noted a number of complications including a large proportion of fat cell death during injection, curvature/bending of the penis as well as the formation of calcified fat nodules that were permanent and required being cut out.

What about HA fillers for penile girth enlargement?

The body of evidence that has been published suggests that hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers have much fewer complications than fat grafting. Dr Kwak published the findings of 41 men who had been treated with HA fillers for penile girth enlargement. Kwak and his group reported an average girth increase of 3.93cm that was maintained for up to 18 months with minimum loss of volume. They also reported high levels of sexual satisfaction amongst patients and their partners. However, they also noted there was slightly reduced sensation in the body of the penis as a whole but this did not seem to affect sexual performance.

What is the best treatment for penis enlargement?

Penile enlargement treatments are still a relatively new development. However, there is an ever increasing demand for this treatment amongst men. Indeed a recent article published in the Guardian reported the dangerous increasing demand for penis enlargement treatments in Papua New Guinea resulting in men resorting to injecting silicone and cooking oil in an attempt to make their penis larger. The results of these attempts can be disastrous and this isn’t the first time this has been attempted. Many will also recall the South Korean woman, Hang Mioku, who resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face in an attempt to get softer skin after Plastic Surgeons had refused her further treatment having identified ‘Body Dysmorphic Tendencies’. The results of this were horrifying.

There is no doubt there is an increased demand for penis enlargement treatments. The safest option for penile girth enlargement is with HA fillers. This is the same filler used for lip enhancement. The preferred dermal filler of choice is Juvederm Voluma. If the results of treatment are not as desired the HA can be dissolved with hyalase and easily removed. It’s not permanent! If you are thinking about penile girth enhancement it is extremely important to talk through your motivations for having this treatment as well as ensuring you get treated safely and at a CQC registered clinic.

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