Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – a New Treatment for Psoriasis?

Almost 3% of the world’s population suffer with psoriasis. This amounts to almost 150 Million sufferers worldwide. Treatment options for psoriasis are limited and the success of treatment is poor with almost 50% of patients not satisfied with current treatment op

Psoriasis typically affects skin over joints and in many unfortunate individuals, the scalp. Treatment can be topical using creams, oils and shampoos and is usually the starting point. For those who do not respond to topicals, systemic treatments are necessary in the form of strong immunosuppressant medication such as steroids or methotrexate. These are often fraught with side effects including increased susceptibility to infections and response rates vary with relapses often occurring. New treatment options are needed.

At Rejuvence Clinic we specialise in the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) for the treatment of multiple conditions including hair loss in men and women, facial rejuvenation, as well as erectile dysfunction or impotence. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is based on isolating and concentrating a patient’s own platelets for a simple blood test and then injecting them into the area of interest. Platelets, in high concentrations, are able to attract the body’s own powerful growth factors that stimulate repair and regeneration of skin and muscle as well as reduce inflammation.

Researchers have recently looked at the use of platelet rich plasma in the treatment of stubborn psoriatic skin lesions that are not responding to conventional treatment. Their findings demonstrated startling results. Researchers recruited 20 patients with severe psoriasis affecting the arms and that were not responding to topical as well as tablet form medication. They were split into two groups with one group receiving platelet rich plasma  (PRP) along side methotrexate and the other group just receiving methotrexate. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) group demonstrated significant improvement in redness, inflammation and flaking compared to the methotrexate only group. Patients were followed for 4 months and managed to maintain these results. In addition there were no side effects to treatment.

At Rejuvence Clinic we are always aiming to be at the cutting edge of research and treatments with platelet rich plasma (PRP). We offer platelet rich plasma (PRP) to patients suffering from stubborn psoriasis affecting the skin and scalp. We combine this treatment with LED phototherapy using the Dermalux system. LED light therapy has also shown promising improvements in psoriatic lesions and the Dermalux system, in particular, has been shown to be a viable alternative in patients suffering stubborn and persistent psoriasis.

Are you at your wits ends suffering from disfiguring psoriasis? Have you tried everything and spent hours with your GP and dermatologist? Why not try a session of platelet rich plasma (PRP)? The entire procedure takes 45minutes to 1 hour depending on the extent of the area affected. Each session includes 20minutes of LED phototherapy. The treatment is completely painless and we use the world renown U225 mesotherapy device to administer treatment.

This treatment is not available on the NHS and although we cannot guarantee results we are confident clients will see a significant improvement in their symptoms that will bring a smile to their faces and a renewed sense of confidence.

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