At Rejuvence Clinic we specialise in the use of Platelet Rich Plasma for facial rejuvenation and hair loss. In fact our PRP treatments go well beyond this as we also have experience in using PRP for the treatment of stretch marks, facial and body scars and even penile enhancement and impotence. PRP is a completely natural treatment and involves the removal of your platelets and reapplying them in a concentrated fashion.

Platelet rich plasma provides a rich source of growth factors. When these are administered into various regions of the body these growth factors are activated and set off a cascade of reactions that result in increased production of collagen – an integral component of the skin. It is important to remember that there is no magic bullet nor do we claim that PRP is essentially the fountain of youth.

The effects of PRP treatment need a few months to be seen and we believe 2-4 sessions are necessary to get the full effect of platelet rich plasma. PRP should be considered an investment in the future. It will help wind back the clock now but more importantly it will slow down the ageing process. If continued you will look good now but you will look great in years to come.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an integral component of the skin and provides skin with hydration and that plump supple look and feel. HA forms the primary constituent of the vast majority of dermal fillers used in aesthetic medicine. It is considered a very safe and reliable product and produces excellent results when it comes to getting your lips plumped up, nasolabial folds filled out and tired tear trough getting woken up. HA can also be used in mesotherapy. This means in a less gel like form HA can be placed under the skin and results in improvements in skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles as well making the skin look and feel plumper.

At Rejuvence Clinic we believe in providing our clients with cutting edge treatments that produce results. Aesthetic medicine is a very subjective field of medicine with the results of treatment often  hard to measure. It’s all about making our clients smile and feel good about themselves. We want all our clients to walk away with a new found confidence and self-esteem. That’s why we only deliver evidence-based treatments. This means we only provide treatments that have a sound scientific basis to them and have published research data to show they work. We believe in walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Dr Ulusal, an associate professor in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, based at Balikesir University in Turkey, published research in August 2016 on the use of PRP in combination with HA for facial rejuvenation. He based his research on the findings of Dr Anitua who found HA to work better on a cellular level when combined with PRP in the treatment of complex tendon injuries. Between December 2012 and November 2015 Dr Ulusal treated 94 female patients, aged between 47 years and 59 years old with a series of injections containing a mixture of platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic acid. He mixed PRP obtained from 12.5ml of blood with 0.5ml of 3.5% hyaluronic acid. He also added a local anaesthetic to this mixture.

The resulting mixture was injected at varying depths, upto 6mm, into the skin and regions just below the skin including the SMAS – a deeper layer adherent to the muscles of the face. Patients received between 1 to 8 sessions and received Vitamin C tablets as well as sun protection advice afterwards. The first 3 treatments were conducted 3 to 4 weeks apart. Subsequent treatments were considered maintenance and conducted 8 to 10 weeks apart. Each session was also combined with micro needling.

Dr Ulusal found significant improvements in overall general appearance, reduced sagging of skin as well improved firmness and overall improved skin texture. Dr Ulusal also found that the extent of improvement was greater the more sessions of treatment patients received. He noted that after the 2nd and 3rd sessions there was a gradual improvement in wrinkles and skin tone. However, after 6 or more sessions of PRP and HA fine lines and wrinkles almost disappeared completely. He did identify certain regions of the face that were more difficult to attain great improvement in. These included deep wrinkles above the upper lip, as well as jowls and deep nasolabial folds.

Dr Ulusal concluded that treating patients with platelet rich plasma (PRP) alone or hyaluronic acid (HA) alone using multiple injections and micro needling did not achieve as good a results as when combining HA and PRP together. Clearly when HA and PRP are mixed together they have an additive effect and with increasing number of sessions the results are really very dramatic. He also advised that injecting to different depths on the face produced even better results than just injecting at a single depth.

At Rejuvence Clinic we use the best products on the market when it comes to providing treatment with platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic acid for facial treatments and skin rejuvenation. For the harvesting of platelets we use the Dracula PRP system – pioneered by Dr Daniel Sister, also known as the Godfather of platelet rich plasma in the UK. We are an official provider of the Dracula PRP treatment. In addition we also use the U225 mesotherpay gun – regarded as the best mesotherapy device on the market. This device allows us to inject the PRP at different precise levels of the skin and just below as well delivering almost painless treatments to our clients. This is to the extent that the majority of our clients do not require any local anaesthetic. For a small premium we can also provide cutting edge mixtures of PRP with high quality HA from Filorga for even better results than either PRP or HA on its own.

Our Rejuvence Replenish package, consisting of 4 sessions of PRP over 3 months, start from as little as £995.00. For a small premium we can also add in hyaluronic acid and even combine PDO flat thread mesh in the first session. Our prices are extremely competitive and above all we deliver evidence based treatments and treatment protocols. These are treatments with a very sound scientific background and published medical research.