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At Rejuvence Clinic we are at the forefront of regenerative medicine and believe in offering pioneering treatments. We are specialists in providing platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell treatments. PRP and stem cells can be used to help treat hair loss, aid with facial rejuvenation and scar improvement, erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance. The incredible healing abilities of stem cells and PRP can now also be used to aid the recovery and regeneration of muscle and tendon damage from sports injuries as well as help with pain, joint and cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritis.


How does stem cell treatment help with sports injuries and osteoarthritis?

Stem cells can be considered baby cells that have the potential to turn into any cell in the body and have extremely powerful healing abilities. They are found in high concentrations in certain regions of the body. To date stem cells have been very difficult to harvest. In addition the harvesting techniques used were very invasive. Fat cells have been found to have a very potent type of stem cell often referred to as adipose (fat cells) derived stem cells. With recent advances in fat harvesting and the advent of a technique known as micronising it has now become possible to acquire adipose derived stem cells without significant pain and discomfort. When injected into degenerative joints, stem cells have been shown to encourage the regeneration of cartilage and a reduction in pain associated with osteoarthritic joints. When injected in and around muscle and tendon injuries associated with sports, there has been evidence of accelerated repair and regeneration of soft tissues providing for a more rapid return to play as well as improved levels of pain. When stem cells are combined with PRP the effects of treatment are further improved.


How is the procedure performed?

The process of harvesting fat is minimally invasive. Fat is normally taken from the flanks. A small incision is made in the skin and the area from which fat is harvested is numbed with local anaesthetic. Fat is then removed using VASER liposuction. The harvested fat is then mixed with PRP produced using the Magellan TruPRP system. This is then placed in a centrifuge and spun down to separate the fat from other cells. This purified fat is then micronised to produce nano fat containing large volumes of stem cells and growth factors using the Goisis Nano Fat filter. The resultant paste is very smooth and homogenous with equally sized fat cells and large numbers of stem cells and growth factors as well as PRP. This is injected into the region of interest under ultrasound guidance.


PRP is obtained using the Magellan TruPRP system. Blood is taken and spun down in a special centrifuge. This centrifuge can be programmed to produce bespoke concentrations of PRP between 4 and 6 times baseline levels. PRP is then injected into joints suffering with osteoarthritis and pain as well as sports injuries. The PRP activates messengers that attract various growth factors that encourage the healing and regeneration of cartilage and other soft tissues. PRP speeds up recovery from sport injuries and is used extensively by professional athletes such as tennis player Rafa Nadal and golfer Tiger Woods.

The results of degenerative joint treatments would be expected to become evident approximately 6 weeks after the initial treatment and if needed treatments can be repeated. Of course individuals will vary in their response to treatment and this is especially dependent upon lifestyle choices including smoking and alcohol consumption. In the case of soft tissue sports injuries, the effects are likely to be noticed sooner with accelerated regeneration and return to sporting activities.
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