PRP Hair Treatment London, UK

At Rejuvence Clinic we are able to offer the most advanced Platelet Rich Plasma hair treatments in London for male and female pattern hair loss as well as steroid resistant alopecia areata.


Unwanted hair loss is an extremely common and often very distressing problem affecting both men and women. By the age of 60, most men and women will suffer from some form of hair thinning. However, in a significant number early onset male and female pattern hair loss can be the cause of significant psychological distress. A normal head of hair consists of between 100,000 to 120,000 hairs. On average most people lose 60 hairs per day. This is a normal part of the hair cycle. However, for those suffering with pattern or Androgenic hair loss this number is much larger. By the time one can see through to the scalp they have often lost over 50% of their original hair in that region. 

PRP Hair Treatment London, UK

What treatments are available for hair loss?

There are a large number of treatment options for hair loss for both males and females. Treatments and their success depend upon the underlying cause of hair loss. The most common type of hair loss in both men and women is Androgenic (‘Pattern’) Hair Loss. First line treatments include Minoxidil Foam or Gel, Caffeine based shampoos, Finasteride (Propecia™) for men as well as Low Level Laser Therapy. All of these treatments can help to reduce hair loss to some extent. For more extensive hair loss and balding many men consider a FUE hair transplant but this should really be considered the last option. 


Platelet Rich Plasma has emerged over the last 5 years as a very promising treatment for hair loss with many patients showing significant reduction in hair loss, and even significant increases in new hair growth. However, the effectiveness of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is all down to quality. 

How is the procedure performed?

Rejuvence Clinic is a centre of excellence for Platelet Rich Plasma. We offer a three tiered PRP service. Our Level I service is our entry level PRP – Neogenesis PRP. We are authorised providers for Magellan TruPRP™ (Level II) and Angel Arthrex™ PRP (Level III) systems. 


Our Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments for hair loss are non-invasive procedures.PRP is a completely natural treatment and produced using your own blood. Blood is taken and subsequently run through a machine known as a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the blood into its different cellular components. Once finished, centrifugation will split your blood samples into different layers of cells and the platelet rich plasma layer is extracted using a syringe manually. Our Level I Neogenesis System uses a swing out centrifuge set-up and produces PRP in this manner.

The Angel Arthrex™ and Magellan TruPRP™ systems are based around very advanced centrifuges that are completely automated and able to identify the platelets in your blood, concentrate and extract them. Both Angel and Magellan are able to produce very high concentrations of PRP needed for effective treatment of hair loss especially male and female pattern hair loss.


Once the PRP is ready this is injected into the affected areas of the scalp using an automated injector device. At Rejuvence Clinic we recommend a series of 3 treatments over 3 months for all patients new to PRP followed by a further treatment at 6 months and then maintenance treatments every 9 months. This is all based on data and research published in prominent medical journals. 

Not all PRP is the same. How is Rejuvence different to other clinics?

PRP is widely available in clinics across the UK. However, there is a large variation in the cost of treatments. It is important to understand that not all PRP is the same. For PRP to be effective it is generally agreed that the concentration of platelets needs to be at least 4 to 5 times higher than in blood. The majority of PRP systems used in clinics across the UK claim to achieve this concentration but that is simply not true. At best test tube centrifugation systems used by the majority of clinics can achieve only 2-3 times concentration.

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Three Tiered PRP Hair Loss Treatments for everyone!

We consider ourselves a centre of excellence for PRP. Hence we have taken great care and effort to ensure we use only the best systems in our clinic to ensure we deliver high quality PRP to all our clients. We have a three tiered PRP service at Rejuvence Clinic.


For all our hair loss clients we always recommend a comprehensive trichoscopic assessment of the scalp. This is a photographic assessment of your hair follicles and using AI technology we are able to provide a detailed report of the number, thickness and density of your hair. By repeating this assessment at 6 months and a year after treatment we can assess the objective progress of your hair and how much it has improved thanks to TrichoLAB

Level I

Our entry level PRP system is the Neogenesis PRP system. This is a more conventional PRP system and involves collecting 30ml of blood to produce 2-4ml of PRP with a concentration in the range of 2-3 times. This is effective for mild to moderate hair loss for those on a budget. It uses a swing out centrifuge and a single spin cycle. Our Level I PRP treatment is still better than most thanks to a superior centrifuge and larger volume syringes. However, we do recommend Magellan TruPRP and Angel Arthrex for those looking for the best outcome. Neogenesis PRP does not require a consultation prior to booking. Click the link below to book your Level I Hair Loss PRP session now. 

Level II

The Magellan TruPRP system is a very high end PRP system. It involves blood draw of between 60 and 120ml of blood. It yields 6-12 ml of high concentration PRP with platelets counts in the region of 4-5 times higher than baseline. The Magellan TruPRP system use a specialised centrifuge that runs a 2 spin protocol incorporating a hard and a soft spin. The machine is fully automated with density scanning. Magellan TruPRP is especially suitable for hair loss in those with androgenic alopecia and also for those who have had a hair transplant. All Level II PRP treatments for hair loss require a consultation with one of our doctors beforehand. To book your consultation now click the Book Now link below. 

Level III

The Angel Arthrex System is our gold standard PRP unit. This Involves a blood draw of between 60 and 180ML. It can yield between 6 to 18ml of high concentration PRP with platelet counts in the region of 4-5 times higher than baseline. The Angel Arthrex system uses a specialised centrifuge that runs a two spin program similar to Magellan TruPRP. The Angel system also incorporates a density scanning function ensuring consistent and automated PRP production. The difference between Angel Arthrex and Magellan TruPRP is that the Angel system allows for customisation of the specific cellular constituents of the PRP as well as larger volume of PRP. This allows for bespoke PRP which is especially important for the treatment of certain conditions such as alopecia areata. Angel Arthrex  is used for the treatment of all types of hair loss. If you are looking for the best PRP we always recommend Angel Arthrex. All Level III PRP treatments for hair loss require a consultation with one of our doctors beforehand. To book your consultation now click the Book Now link below. 

How does PRP help with Hair Loss?

Over the last few years there has a been huge interest in the potential of platelet rich plasma to treat hair loss. The combination of micro needling and platelet rich plasma has been shown recently to significantly increase hair thickness, hair count and thereby hair density. PRP works by acting as a chemical messenger once activated and injected. It attracts growth factors and stem cells that have a direct effect on the bulge cells of the hair follicles. Growth factors and stem cells also have ‘angiogenic’ properties. This means they stimulate the development of new blood vessels in the scalp which also helps fight hair loss. 


Studies over the last five years have demonstrated approximately 20% increase in hair thickness following on average 3 sessions over 3 months with maintenance sessions every 9 to 12 months. PRP tends to be more effective when started early before large bald patches appear. However, not all clinics are able to achieve similar results. This is because not all PRP is the same. PRP is only effective if the concentration of platelets achieved is greater than 4 to 5 times baseline levels. 


The majority of clinics offering PRP use preparation methods that can only achieve concentrations 2 to 3 times greater than baseline. At Rejuvence Clinic we use Angel Arthrex™ and Magellan TruPRP™. This system is guaranteed to yield PRP with a concentration of platelets greater than 5 times baseline and hence our treatments tend to perform much better than other clinics (although individual results may vary). In addition the Angel Arthrex system allows for complete customisation of the cellular contents of PRP by being able to adjust the percentage of red cells. The presence of red cells in the final PRP serum is especially significant in the treatment of severe and recurrent forms of Alopecia Areata not responding to steroids. 

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PRP treatment following a FUE Hair Transplant

Platelet Rich Plasma is increasingly being used by hair transplant surgeons during surgery. Most transplant surgeons including our resident surgeon, Dr Waqas Chaudhary, recommends all patients have a course of PRP 3 to 4 months following their hair transplants. 


PRP has angiogenic properties. This means PRP helps improve the blood supply in areas where it is injected and this is extremely important for newly transplanted grafts. Following a FUE Hair Transplant, a course of 3 PRP sessions can help to secure and strengthen transplanted hairs and ensure they thrive. PRP treatments on a regular basis can also help to improve hair over the rest of the scalp. Many forget that androgenic (‘pattern’) hair loss does not stop and cannot be cured. Hence regular maintenance treatments are still needed. PRP is also helpful where a transplant has not worked as well as it should and can thicken and strengthen grafts, even years afterwards. 


At Rejuvence, using Angel Arthrex™ and the Magellan TruPRP™ systems we have achieved really great results for patients who have come to us following a FUE transplant. We have even treated patients who have had their transplant years ago and have been left disappointed with the results. PRP has helped to thicken thin ‘wispy’ grafts. For the best PRP nourishment for your FUE transplant book an appointment with us. 

What is I-PRF?

I-PRF is defined as Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin. This is a second generation blood derived biomaterial in contrast to PRP which is a first generation platelet-based biomaterial. Fibrin is found in the blood and plays a specific role in clotting. The difference between platelet rich plasma (PRP) and injectable platelet rich fibrin (I – PRF) is the presence of a fibrin scaffold that means in I-PRF the effects of the platelets lasts for longer and there is longer sustained release of growth factors. However, overall PRP releases more growth factors but over a shorter period of time. 


PRF has been used for some time in a gel form for the treatment of complex wounds and ulcers. Modifications to the preparation of PRP allows for the production of injectable PRF that is initially in a liquid form that turns to a gel after about 15mins. I-PRF has been found to help with hair loss following injection into the scalp in liquid form. As per best practice guidelines for PRP treatments for hair loss I-PRF is still in its infancy with no evidence that it is better than PRP. In addition, concentration of platelets is still most important for efficacy of treatment and I-PRF production protocols result in low concentrations. 


At Rejuvence we are able to incorporate both PRP and I-PRF into treatment protocols especially for the treatment of hair loss in both men and women.

Stem cell treatments for hair loss

At Rejuvence we strive to push the boundaries providing cutting edge regenerative treatments yielding superior results. At Rejuvence we are introducing personalised cellular therapies for hair loss. This involves combining stem cells from your own fat with PRP to augment hair regrowth. Harvested fat is micronised (filtered) to produce a homogenised fat serum consisting of equally sized fat cells with large concentrations of stem cells and growth factors. This can easily be injected into the scalp and together with PRP has been shown to improve on responses from PRP alone.  Using ACP Arthrex fat harvesting and Angel Arthrex PRP we are able to provide cutting edge scalp regenerative treatments. 

The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is medically termed androgenic alopecia. It is otherwise known as male and female pattern hair loss. In men, this is usually due to effects of testosterone being converted to dihydrotestosterone by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Dihydrotestosterone results in a reduction in the blood supply to the scalp and gradual miniaturisation of hair follicles and lengthening of the hair cycle.


In women the cause of female pattern hair loss is not fully understood. Other common causes of hair loss include anaemia (normally due to iron deficiency), underactive thyroid and vitamin D deficiency. Other causes of hair loss can be due to stress and medication. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks it’s own hair follicles.

There are numerous treatments available at present for hair loss. Initial treatment is in the form of topical foams and shampoos, most well known of which is Minoxidil and must be applied to the scalp every night. Minoxidil usually takes about 9 months to take effect and can result on average in reduction of hair loss and about 1% increased hair growth. If stopped patients often suffer from a ‘rebound loss’ with increased hair fall. Caffeine based shampoos have also been touted as a treatment for hair loss. Numerous supplements are available over the counter and through prescription. These supplements replace vitamins and minerals that are potentially implicated in the cause of hair loss. Their success is limited. Prescription medications in the form of Finasteride have been shown to help and most patients awaiting a hair transplant are started on finasteride although this is not an option for women of childbearing age. Low level laser therapy has recently shown some promise in hair regrowth. Often once these treatments have failed patients jump to hair transplantation as the solution. This is not the answer in the majority of cases and is at best a camouflage solution. This is clear to see when you consider 3000 to 4000 grafts cannot make up for up to 60,000 hairs.

PRP has been gaining increased credibility over the last 5 years with more and more sceptical doctors being convinced of its positive effects on hair loss and in particular ‘pattern’ hair loss. The effects of PRP on hair loss are still, however, slightly variable. This is because it is a cellular based therapy dependent on a variety of factors that vary from patient to patient. However, most importantly there is a huge amount of variety in the quality of PRP treatments amongst clinics offering this treatment in the UK. Effects of PRP on hair loss can include up to 20% increased hair growth in affected areas around 6 months as well rapid reduction in hair fall. This is much more than can be achieved with just Minoxidil or Finasteride where new hair growth sits around the 1-2% mark at 9 months. 

Our advanced PRP treatments at Rejuvence with the Angel Arthrex and Magellan TruPRP systems require a blood draw of 60ml or 120ml of blood depending upon the amount of PRP required. This is much more than used in other PRP setups at other clinics. This volume of blood being taken is completely safe and will not have any negative effects on you at all. We do always encourage patients to make sure they are well hydrated prior to attending clinic for their treatment.

For the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss we advise all our patients to treat the entire top of the scalp extending from the hair line to beyond the crown. In order to ensure thorough treatment we encourage patients to have the 12ml PRP treatment. The majority of other clinics are only able to generate 3-4ml of PRP that tends to be significantly lower concentration than we are able to produce with Angel Arthrex or Magellan TruPRP. In a single treatment of PRP at Rejuvence you will receive more PRP than in 3-4 treatments combined  at other clinics. 

We use an automated injector device called the U225 for injecting PRP into the scalp. The needles on the injector are very small and the pain involved is much less than if injected manually using a syringe. In addition the injector device allows us to precisely set the depth to which we inject the PRP and it is much quicker than doing it by hand. No anaesthetic is used. This is because local anaesthetic can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of PRP. The injection process is slightly uncomfortable but all our patients are able to easily tolerate the procedure. 

There is no downtime associated with this procedure and patients can often return to work the following day. However, depending upon the amount of fat harvested from the flanks, there can be a bit of oozing that persists for 48 to 72 hours.


At Rejuvence we specialise in regenerative medicine techniques for hair restoration and believe with the advent of biocellular hair restoration using Angel Arthrex™ and Magellan TruPRP™ and micronised fat with stem cells and growth factors, fewer patients will have to opt for hair transplantation and more will successfully maintain their natural hairline for longer.
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