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As we age, the skin around the jawline and neck loses collagen and elastin. As a result skin starts to sag and become crepey. In addition only a lucky few are able to maintain a steady weight over the years. Gains in weight can lead to accumulation of fat just underneath the chin (submental) and around the neck. This results in the loss of a previously youthful and slender neck. Despite best efforts in the gym it can be difficult to lose this fat. In addition there is undue stretching of the skin and even if one manages to lose this fat the skin remains loose and crepey. At Rejuvence we are able to offer VASER liposuction as a minimally invasive procedure to help remove stubborn submental fat and help to restore your neckline without the need for a neck lift.

What is VASER liposuction for the neck?

VASER stands for Vibration of Sound Energy at Resonance. Essentially the VASER probes emit ultrasound energy that specifically targets fat cells leaving other tissues intact. The fat is subsequently emulsified (melted) by the ultrasound energy and can then be suctioned away using gentle suction probes. There is minimal damage to the surrounding muscle and fascia. VASER is an extremely gentle form of liposuction with some associated skin tightening and hence makes it ideal for treatment of submental fat.

Why get your treatment at Rejuvence Clinic?

VASER liposuction is a very effective treatment for the removal of submental fat and help to restore the profile of the neck and jawline. At Rejuvence Clinic we recommend the combination of VASER with J-Plazty. We are the only clinic in the UK that offers J-Plazty powered by J-Plasma. This revolutionary technology provides phenomenal skin tightening with results rivalling those of a more invasive neck lift. If you are considering VASER liposuction for your neck come to us and don’t just get VASER. Get J-Plazty Neck – VASER with J-Plasma!

At present treatments for removal of fat around the neck can be separated into surgical and minimally invasive treatments. Surgical treatments involve neck lifts that are often expensive, invasive and require a general anaesthetic. The recovery period is prolonged and can involve large scars. The results, however, are impressive and in some cases this is the only option available. Non-invasive treatments include the use of PDO threads to help tighten and provide lift. It is claimed by some that threads have some lipolytic (able to break down fat) ability. However, even when placed within submental fat the amount of fat reduction is extremely limited. Kybella has become increasingly popular recently. This is a prescription only medication that is injected into fatty regions and helps to break down fat. Multiple treatments are required and can cause injury to surrounding tissues if not injected correctly. In addition, despite loss of fat there is no associated change to the overlying, often loose and crepey skin.

VASER is appropriate for both men and women between the ages of 30 and 80 years of age. It is most effective in the treatment of submental fat and slight sagging of the skin around the neck and jawline. When combined with J-Plazty Neck the results of treatment are truly stunning. At Rejuvence we are the only clinic in the UK to offer J-Plazty. This is the premier skin tightening treatment in the world and can help to really tighten up the skin around the neck and jawline. Results are natural and long-lasting and avoids the costs, downtime and potential complications of cosmetic surgery.

VASER is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Three small incisions are made under the chin and behind both ears. Following administration of local anaesthetic and appropriate numbing of the neck region a probe is inserted under the skin into the fatty areas. This transmits ultrasound energy that subsequently liquefies fat leaving surrounding adjacent structures in tact. A suction probe is then inserted and through a gentle suction process removes the fat. The ultrasound energy also helps to stimulate the surrounding skin and help with some skin tightening.

The downtime from VASER liposuction is significantly shorter than with more invasive cosmetic surgery. Following the procedure clients are asked to wear a neck and face compression garment for the first 72 hours and then continue to wear this every night for the next 4 weeks. There can be some minimal oozing for the first 24 to 48 hours from the incision sites that are often left to heal naturally. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure and paracetamol will often suffice. We recommend our clients take 2 to 3 days off work.

The results of VASER liposuction will be noticeable soon after the procedure within the first week. The results will continue to improve over the course of 2 to 3 months as there is continued skin contracture and generation of new collagen and elastin.

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